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Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy is a low force, non maniplative spinal therapy suitable for patients that need correction of their spine and other structures.

The therapy originated in Germany over thirty years ago and is now practiced by over 1000 practitioners worldwide ..DORN therapy involves gentle re- alignment techniques which work on balancing the leg length, spine and all of the joints of the body .
Dorn spinal therapy can work in conjunction with other therapy`s including Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Acupuncture or on its own as an alternative to these therapy.

Lower Cross Syndrome

Lower cross can be caused by hyper tonicity and hypo tonicity of various Lumbopelvic Abdominal muscles and upper and lower leg muscle groups. This ultimately changes the overall structure of an individual. This often causes localized joint dysfunction either in the

SI joints or lower lumber most commonly.

  • L5 S-1 is commonly stressed as a result of the above
  • Also L/S T/L Junctions, SI hips and knee joints are also usually over stressed
  • Joints dysfunction and painful trigger points are common in lower cross syndrome.
  • Usually there is posterior pelvic tilting accompanied by upper cross syndrome/ forward head carriage

Lower cross can contribute to increases thoracic lordosis and decreased lumbar lordosis and stress in either of the junctions in these areas. Stress on these the vertebras can cause subluxation at various spinous segments putting pressure discs and irritation of the nerves the muscles and ultimately the mind!

Main muscle groups involved and their state are:

  • Tight Hamstrings
  • Tight psoas muscles and hip flexors
  • Tight and weak rectus abdominus
  • Weak gluteals muscles
  • Tight quadriceps
  • Tight spinous erectors

Things that may cause these muscles shortening are

  • Sedentary living, desk bound posture. Shortened hip flexors and hamstrings namely
  • Psychosomatic elements which may influence musculature through stooping
  • Muscle hydration levels may affect muscle elasticity and flexibility
  • Poor Nutrition of the muscles, decreased Magnesium due to diuretic usage (coffee)
  • Lack of activity and exercise
  • Over use of various larger muscle groups which can cause fatigue and muscle spasm and shortening and subsequent global structure shifting
  • Incorrect stretching techniques
  • Various sports involving forward hunching over. Boxing, rowing

Dorn Spinal Therapy care Can help with the following

Diagnosis of the main underlying condition and the trigger for the developed problem

This will include assessment of the following




Muscle strength and length

Location of pain points

Treatment will involve

  • Re-Alignment of restrictions
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Stretch short muscles
  • Strengthen week muscles
  • Improve movement by retraining patient to have better habits

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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative or Integrated Medicine is a system of medicine is that incorporates a combinations of traditional knowledge, wisdom, alternative methods ,allopathic medicine, modern science and technology to enable us to understand patients and their illnesses comprehensively and holistically. The aim of this system and rationale is to aid the clinician to obtain a better overall understanding of patient’s health status in order to provide the best possible Integrative treatment and care.

Unfortunately this system can be difficult to implement let alone master, as traditional methods are not always supported by allopathic medical practitioners and /or modern science. This is often due to lack of understanding and of the individual therapies and their interaction with allopathic medicine therefore they are often dismissed by unaware conservative practitioners.

There is however a possibility for both (allopathic and traditional medicine to coexist and work together in order to provide the best possible treatments and prognosis for our patients… For this to happen there must be acceptance and understanding by the physician of how each individual modality fits into an integrative treatment. He or she must have the necessary training or have an awareness of the positives and the limitations of each individual healing system. The physician must also respect each individual modality and be able to explain to the patient the pros and cons of each therapy based on research and their own individual clinical practice.

The term Integrative Medicine was coined due to the re-emergence of the complementary or alternative medicine to describe a practice of combining both orthodox medical practices and complementary medicine for healthcare; I guess you could say it is applying the best of both worlds in order to give the best possible treatment for the patient at hand. Even though the term Integrative Medicine seems relatively new, the practice and concept of Integrative Medicine dates back to early healers such as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates. and BJ Palmer, the father of Chiropractic who incorporated integrative thinking and medicine in the practices . Integration occurred to provide the best possible healthcare for their patients. I guess you could say this is a sign of a true healer, one who continues in search to better their practices in order to help their patients with the most appropriate non invasive, safest treatment possible.

An Integrative Medicine Practitioner is a lateral thinker and always has best possible treatment protocols in mind for their patients. Often the best of Orthodox and Complementary medicine is incorporated whether it be by cross referral, or by direct application. Usually this kind of Practitioner has been exposed to many modalities and understands the benefits, application and limitations of these practices.

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Why has the Blood Type Medicine become so popular?

Human Individuality and Blood Type an Integrative Approach

Well the fact of the matter is that we as human beings have lost touch with ourselves. We rely too heavily on the media and products advertising to understand what is good for us, we are told eat this cereal it gives you this, eat this muesli bar it gives you that. We are also told by Doctors generally to follow certain diets for particular health problems, for instance heart disease patients are told to cut out saturated fats and reduce cholesterol from their diets.

These recommendations are all ok however we need to get more specific in order to increase the propensity to heal.


You body is so highly sophisticated that it tells you what it needs. Most people who stumble across the blood type diet resonate with it because it makes sense. It resonates with our humanly instincts which tell us what is good for us. This helps patients get back to themselves, which is usually the reason they got sick in the first place.
Animals for instance when they are looking for food often smell to see what is good for them before they consume . They know what to eat when they are sick also. Just like other animals, human beings are designed to smell and or sense whether a food can help or hinder our health.

Numerous people on a daily basis are realizing that what is good for goose is not always good for the gander. The reason for this is we are all individual we all have different needs and they need to be honored

Here are just a few of the things that make us unique

  • Blood Type
  • Rhesus blood Type
  • Secretor status
  • Our genetic origin
  • Disease a Person May have
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Astrological birth date
  • Body Shape and type
  • Hair Color
  • Finger prints
  • Iris color
  • Place country of birth
  • Level of spiritual growth
  • Social Beliefs

And the list goes on and on…………….

One only Heals when sense of self is recognized J Mallia Dr.Sc 1999

In order for people to get back to optimum health they must listen to what feels best for themselves as individuals and getting Blood type specific is a great place to start.

Blood type is a genetically determined marker that gives us one level of individuality that we can work with to enhance our health. Often many people find they are doing the right thing most of the time and that the blood type diet merely helps them fine tune and get back to themselves further.

However other people are not eating blood type specific and have lost sense of themselves to some degree often resulting in poor immunity and frequent chronic issues.

In terms of disease management getting individually specific is crucial for the best prognosis, not only are humans all different, but the way we express our diseases and fight it is also different .

Therefore should we treat all disease and people the same?

The answer is No, the Great Physician Hippocrates was quoted saying:

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know
what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

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