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Here at the clinic we utilise the very latest technology to enhance our  understanding of  your health . Our practitioners use an integrated 3D health screening tool and monitor . The device utilizes several technologies to screen and monitor changes in the human body.

Disease or death is often the result of dysfunction of internal environment and regulatory mechanisms. Understanding the body’s processes, responses and functions is clearly fundamental to the intelligent practice of medicine.

The ESTeck system is a combination of non invasive biosensors, with fast measurement (5 minutes) and results immediately available, to provide an overview of the homeostasis (internal environment and the main regulatory mechanisms of the human body) processes and responses.

Monitoring Changes

The ESTecks Systems greatest strength is its ability to accurately measure changes in you physiology from one assessment to the next. This allows the trained practitioner to closley monitor how the chosen treatment is working. Changes can be observed before symptoms alter. What this means to you the client is faster more effective results.

The Technology used is as followed

BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis)

HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

SPO2 (Pulse Oximeter)

EIS (Electrical Interstitial Scan)

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EIS%20heart Integrated 3D Body Scan esg20table Integrated 3D Body Scan


 Evidence Base

Clinical Studies

imagesCA6F74SJ Integrated 3D Body Scan

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Publication: ES Complex and Diabetes clinicalresearch Integrated 3D Body Scan

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R&D : Publications EIS-GS

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