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About Us

Integrated Health and Wellness is an integrative medicine clinic that incorporates the very best of evidenced based natural medicine and mainstream medical science. Our vision is to build self awareness, inspire and empower individuals to achieve optimum health, well being, performance and vitality. At our clinic we believe that education and an integrative , personalized approach to healthcare is crucial for achieving optimum health and wellness. Our site contains information about our clinic services, health articles, blogs and health products that can be used as part of your healthcare plan .

One only heals when sense of self is recognised” –Dr  J. Mallia PhD  1999 Sydney Naturopath

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“Hello and welcome to our clinic website for our Sydney practice , Integrated Health is not only a clinic to me but representative of my own growth as a Integrative Healthcare Practitioner. The concept of integrated healthcare came to me during practice when I noticed people needed different forms of healthcare, often in combination to achieve best results. I also noticed that there was a lack of understanding by patients and practitioners as to which modality or combination of modalities best suit certain people with ill-health.

I therefore made it my mission to qualify in many areas of healthcare and to create a place to help educate those on what is best for their health. Most importantly I have created a place for healing and wellbeing and one that acknowledges your own individuality in order to provide the best all round healthcare for you ”

“Jason Mallia ND”
“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

So what is Integrative Medicine and Healthcare?

Simply the practice of Integrative Medicine is to provide the best possible healthcare and solutions utilising traditional wisdom and knowledge, modern science and the latest technology. The term Integrative Medicine was coined due to the re-emergence of the complementary or alternative medicine to describe a practice of combining both orthodox medical practices and complementary medicine for healthcare, I guess you could say it is applying the best of both worlds in order to give the best possible treatment for the patient at hand.

Even though the term Integrative Medicine seems relatively new, the practice of Integrative Medicine dates back to early healers such as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, and other innovators such as BJ Palmer the father of Chiropractic where it was common practice to integrate treatments to give the best possible healthcare for their patients. I guess you could say this is a sign of a true healer, one who continues in search to better their practices in order to help their patients with the most appropriate non invasive, safest treatment possible.

An Integrative Medicine Practitioner (IMP) is therefore one who utilises the best of Orthodox and complementary medicine whether it be by cross referral, or by direct application. Usually this kind of Practitioner has been exposed to many modalities and understands the benefits, application and limitations of these practices.

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