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What is Integrative healthcare/medicine ?                                           

At times finding the right treatment for your health concerns can be like entering into a  raffle and hoping for the best. Here at Integrated health we understand that we are all individuals, and  that different people with different ailments require very specific treatment to best suit their individuals needs . At our integrated clinic we offer many different modalities and  treatments to maximize your potential for healing . Integrative medicine referes to the provision and practice of multi modalities often in combination to best treat your condition .

You have many services which modality is best for my health complaint?

At our centre it is our job to determine which type of  treatment and who is the best type of practitioner for your presenting condition . Our aim is to educate the patient so they can go with the treatment that feels right to them .

You also do alot of health screenings, which ones are  appropriate for my health condition  ?

The screening  performed will depend again on your presenting symptoms and  condition, each screening has its strengths in what it can reveal , for example: blood disorders are best screened under Live Blood cell screening and  Brain imbalances are best screened with the 3 D health screening

On you first visit your needs are assessed and our recommendation is given as to what best suits your individuality .

Why do you do so many  health screenings?

Here at the clinic we believe in utilising the best of  traditional philosphy and modern technology to best understand individual health conditions . These screenings often support mainstream methods of   medical diagnoisis and can prelude for such tests . In his early days of practice Jason Mallia ND discovered that the best treatments were provided when the right information was obtained from the patient .Unfortunatley he also discovered patients did not always relay the right information because they often did not know how to dicribe what was wrong them . Testing simply helps build up a larger picture of what may be wrong with a patient and therefore can help the clinician make quicker and more effective clincial decisions about a patients treatment .


What if I am unsure of what is wrong with me and just feel unwell and want a check up ?

In this case  we would recommned the 3D Health Screening as it is a full health scan and that can guide us to where we need to focus on your health. We also recommend the comprenhensive analysis which includes all of our screenigs combined to give and overall view of your health

How much does your services cost ?

Our Professional rates are in accordance with our associations , however specialised services such as health screenings are an additional charge . Costs will be discussed with you when you make your appointment or on your first visit

How long do your treatment programs take ?

This can vary emensly depending on the condition , usually symptomatic relief can be achieved withing the first 2-4 weeks of treatment however true healing takes time , Remember it often takes your body years to get sick and so healing doesnt always happen over night . An estimated time frame for your treatment is oftern discussed with you on your first visit .

I cant take tablets or bad tasting medicines are there any other options?

YES YES and YES ,the beauty of Integrative natural  medicine is that there are many options  for your treatment .

Are your services covered by Health Fund insurances ?

Yes ,Most of our modalities and practitioners are covered by health funds. and  we also have the  HICAPS claim on the spot system for some modalities and health funds. Please check your health fund for what services you are covered for .



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