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Integrative Personalised Medicine Sydney

Integrative Medicine is a post graduate study that encompasses the best of  evidence based mainstream interventions and complementary medicine interventions. The title is often assumed by practitioners who practice in this manner however they are often not officially qualified.

Dr Jason has has earned the title by completing Integrative Medicine studies both abroad in the University of Natural Medicine(USA)  (doctorate of integrative medicine) and in Australia at the University of Queensland (cert in integrative medicine) These are many types of integrative practitioners for example a GP will assume the title integrative GP if they work with natural medicine and a Osteopath will call themselves an Integrative Osteopath. A Integrative Medicine practitioner on the other hand has completed comprehensive studies and are awarded a Doctorate and is rightly entitled to use the title.

So what is Integrative Personalised Medicine ?

Simply the practice of Integrative Medicine is to provide the best possible personalised healthcare and solutions utilising traditional wisdom and knowledge, modern science and the latest technology. The term Integrative Medicine was coined due to the re-emergence of the complementary or alternative medicine to describe a practice of combining both orthodox medical practices and complementary medicine for healthcare, I guess you could say it is applying the best of both worlds in order to give the best possible treatment for the patient at hand.

Even though the term Integrative Medicine seems relatively new, the practice of Integrative Medicine dates back to early healers such as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, and other innovators such as BJ Palmer the father of Chiropractic where it was common practice to integrate treatments to give the best possible healthcare for their patients. I guess you could say this is a sign of a true healer, one who continues in search to better their practices in order to help their patients with the most appropriate noninvasive, safest treatment possible.

An Integrative Medicine Practitioner (IMD) is therefore one who utilises the best of Orthodox and complementary medicine whether it be by cross referral, or by direct application. Usually this kind of Practitioner has been exposed to many modalities and understands the benefits, application and limitations of these practices.



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