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This was a testimonial given by Dr Peter D’Adamo (founder of the blood type diet) as a prelude to the My Health (blood type) conference in Singapore

Dear Friends,

“This year brings us much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. Earlier this year had the pleasure, and great honour of meeting Dr Mallia, Dr Sundardas and Dr Hallquist at the insitute of human individuality symposium in the US. Not only are they extemely knowledgable in the principles of the science of human individuality, they are fantastic people as well. You are fortunate to have the oppurtunity to hear them speak and learn from their experience”

Yours in health

Dr Peter D’Adamo

Dr Peter D’Adamo founder of the blood type diet

I originally went to see Jason for massage therapy nearly two years ago. It was by chance that I found Jason as it was a friend who originally bought me a session with Jason as a gift. The therapy I received was excellent and in this session I discovered Jason was also a qualified Naturopath. After little discussion I decided to see him for various sub clinical complaints that I had, including gastric reflux, lowered immunity, recurring cold and flu and indigestion. Within a few weeks of treatment I felt fantastic, better than I had felt for years. I felt stronger, healthier and best of all, my complaints had been ameliorated and most of my prescription medicine had been replaced with safer natural alternatives.

I continued to see Jason for massage therapy and my general health for some time after this.

Months later after treatment had finished with Jason, all of a sudden I had a major health concern. I had developed a strep infection in my hip that had spread to the bone. We were all shocked by this occurrence including Jason. I was admitted to hospital for immediate surgery. After the surgery Jason attended my house for a home visit. The treatment he gave me not only counteracted the ill effects of the drugs I was on, but sped up my recovery. His treatment also complimented the therapy I had been prescribed. Once the infection had been cured, my hip, which Drs said would eventually need replacement, I underwent muscle therapy with Jason. My leg has since gone from strength to strength. I no longer need my walking stick and am now doing Pilate’s, aquafitness, weight training and am fully mobile.

After years of taking my hypertension medication, new research showed that my prescription medication was affecting my health. Jason was right on to it. My Dr also suggested I go off the medication, but in doing so my blood pressure increased dangerously again. I was then reluctant to go off it. However with time and careful weaning I was able to slowly go off the medication and replace it with safer natural medicines that Jason had prescribed. I now am Hypertension free thanks to Jason!

Geoff W

I have been attending Jason’s clinic for over a year. I like the fact that he is able to employ a variety of modalities in his treatments. He uses these modalities simultaneously if necessary in order to restore my health and health in others.

Jason has a great ability to understand my health issues, he also understands which modalities are appropriate and when they are necessary for the treatment of particular ailments. This holistic approach has been very effective is improving my overall health and well being. Jason is always up-to-date with the latest medical research and technological advances, however always stays in touch with the traditional medicine philosophies .

He utilizes Live Blood Cell analysis in his treatments which has been a very powerful tool in my case. He always seems able to offer sound advice when presented with a technical question.

H. Pittman

After six months of pain with plantar fasciitis and trying a diversity of treatments I found Jason. The pain just magically disappeared after the first treatment and I truly found it hard to believe he had cured the problem in just one session, but he certainly had.

I’ve thrown away the walking stick & the big boots given to me from past treatment, and now when my little Maltese terrier tells me it’s time for walkies I’ve got no excuses. I am so glad I went to see Jason.

Norma Matthews

After 9 years of trying to conceive naturally we virtually gave up. After being medically tested thoroughly by one of Sydney’s most prominent Fertility Specialists, we were bluntly told that we will never have children naturally and the only possible chance we had was to participate in the IVF program (which only gives a 5% chance of conceiving).

We were not prepared to go through the mental and physical stresses the IVF program would put us through so we decided to see a Naturopath. We went to see Jason, it took 5.5 months for Margaret to fall pregnant and we had a beautiful little girl. Shortly after our little girl was born Margaret fell pregnant again and now we also have a little boy!

I have a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol levels, my father died of a heart attack at the age of 36 years, I was only 11 years old at the time. I am now 37 years old, I’ve seen many Doctor’s regarding my cholesterol. They all simply prescribed Lipitor tablets and say that I was to “take them for the rest of my life”.

Now we all know how potentially hazardous the long term usage of drugs like that can be especially to other organs within the body. So being the stubborn mule that I am I refused to take them and again I sought help from Jason. Some basic herbs were recommended along with regular exercise, my cholesterol levels went form a highly elevated reading of 7.1 into the realms of normal at 4.9 in no time at all.

Being a keen Mountain Biker, I do tend to take some pretty awful tumbles sometimes, this is the nature of the sport. I’ve had some fairly painful crashes and injuries which Jason has been treating me for very effectively with frequent sports injury massage and herbal remedies. With Jason’s treatment, my recovery times have halved as compared to when I left my injuries un-treated. Jason has also helped greatly in giving good advice on diet along with natural endurance enhancing supplements to help me reach a higher level of Mountain Biking. This sort of help has meant that I don’t suffer from cramps, sore muscles or general tiredness after big rides. I’m literally ready to go the next day again.

I was a regular sufferer of sciatica nerve pain down both leg and lower back. The only relief I was able to get was when I took pain killers which generally goes against my wishes of maintaining a natural well being, the pain was reoccurring after a very short time. After seeing Jason he introduced me to Natural Herbal Medicine for this particular ailment which now gives me instant relief from the pain and keeps the pain away for weeks on end.

Mr and Mrs Bill and Margaret K

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 15 months. Instead of going down the IVF trail , we thought that we would first try natural medicine and sought the help from Jason.

Jason recommended various lifestyle changes, including the blood type diet and prescribed various herbal medications. Within the month I was pregnant . In April 2003, I gave birth to beautiful healthy baby girl.

Thank you Jason for the assistance in helping our dreams come true!

Mr and Mrs Maloney

I originally went to see Jason for severe sciatic nerve pain and stress a couple of years ago upon recommendation. I was told that Jason would be able to help me and right they were. After just a couple of treatments my sciatica symptoms had been completely ameliorated. I was very impressed by this result and was extremely relieved.

Jason and I then decided that we could keep improving my health gradually over a period of time. So I decided to see him for a Naturopathic consultation to give him a better all round view of my health. After a complete medical and personal case history we started a program to improve my overall health and well being. Slowly but surely we achieved this starting with my physical and emotional stress, PMT and various other complaints.

Included in the other complaints was a knee problem that I had for some time. It seemed no matter what I did it aggravated my knee and severe pain was the result. I even considered knee surgery the pain was so severe, but I thought I would consult with Jason first. Jason and I discussed all of my options; we looked at the pros and cons of knee surgery and alternative treatments. Thankfully I decided to go with massage therapy, exercise therapy and naturopathic treatment. Shortly after implementation of my treatment, my pain subsided. I am so glad I made the right decision.

Recently Jason has helped me with an ongoing eczema problem, in which I have had complete relief from the uncomfortable itching that I have had for some time. In this time Jason increased my awareness about food and how certain foods affect my health and well being. He also educated me on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I found Jason to be firm with his recommendations but a great teacher as he truly does practice what he preaches.

Thanks Jason for your help and for making me aware of my health.

Ms Angela Gullo, (Manager of Italian Shoes on Norton NSW)

I am a recreational surfer and had experience mid thoracic pain for over 12 years in this time I have tried many different therapies including, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy for my back and nothing seemed to fix my problem.

I discovered dorn spinal therapy and decided to contact a practitioner and found Dr Jason by chance.

On our first visit Jason performed a combination of number of techniques including, myofascial therapy, dorn spinal therapy, Rolfing and Acupuncture. Jason also took the time to explain to me what was going wrong with my structure and recommended some home help exercises . After the session I was so amazed and could not believe that after only one first visit my pain that I experienced for 12 years had completely disappeared. In fact I felt so good after my first visit I felt like I didn’t need to see him again!!

I strongly recommend Jason integrative approach to Musculoskeletal problems.

Craig, Central Coast
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