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Breast Cancer 

In January 2009 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and was scheduled for a full mastectomy with partial lymph removal. I weighed 36kg after losing around 20kg over the previous year, although I had been eating well. During this time, I had been becoming increasingly tired, until in October I was unable to get out of bed for 4 weeks and was only having fluids. Initial blood tests indicated a severe infection of some kind, which was treated with antibiotics. After two weeks there was still no improvement and other tests were scheduled leading to the discovery of a malignant mass.
My daughter had been under Dr Jason’s care for some time and he loaned her a copy of Dr D’Adamo’s “Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet” to immediately start supporting my body even though surgery was scheduled quickly. During the operation it was discovered that the cancer had spread completely through the lymph nodes of which two had adhered to a vein. I remained in hospital for one & a half weeks and began taking some recommended vitamins.
Three weeks afterwards I had further body scans which revealed that the cancer had spread to
my lungs and possibly my liver. I had gone from a prognosis of not even needing chemotherapy
to being “incurable”. The oncologists’ opinion was that I would survive only 2 to 6 months without chemotherapy or 6 – 18 months with chemotherapy. By this stage I was too weak to be treated intravenously, and so a tablet form of chemo was recommended. Although this was apparently a milder form of treatment the oncologist felt that I was still borderline in being able to cope with the effects, but still encouraged me to begin treatment.
After some consideration I decided to try this treatment, however six days into the first 3-week cycle I had to stop. A second cycle was attempted at a lower dosage but this time I only lasted on it for 2 days. At my next appointment it was decided to discontinue any treatment as the dose could not be lowered any further and it would clearly interfere with any quality of life.
Throughout the attempts at chemo, Jason had recommended some supplements to help support my immune system, and after stopping the treatment he immediately introduced a specific & complete naturopathic program to clear my body of the chemical toxins and support the cells that were healthy.
Although I live in Newcastle, and was at this time still too weak to travel to Sydney, Jason continued to recommend a course of treatment through feedback from my daughter. I immediately felt more energy after starting a full naturopathic program and have continued to go from strength to strength. In fact I can’t remember the last time I felt this well!! My appetite is the best it has ever been, and over the last 3 months my weight has steadily increased, (at this stage I have gained 3.5kg). I have also really enjoyed discovering new foods and recipes for my blood type.
Recently I was able to travel to Sydney to have a complete consultation with Jason for the first time. The results of the various scans and blood analysis were very positive, which is also evident in my energy and general well-being. This visit has given an even clearer picture of my needs of which Jason is continuing to address.
My friends and acquaintances are amazed at my progress and I am frequently told that this is the best I have looked for years. I know this is the truth as I am continually expanding my daily activities.
It is now seven months since the “incurable” diagnosis and I am showing no signs of slowing down. Certainly, this would not be the case had I continued with chemotherapy rather than follow Jason’s recommended course of treatment.
Jason is a talented and special health practitioner who has acted selflessly to treat me from a distance. I consider myself blessed, to have been cared for, by someone who clearly has an incredible understanding of how to return to, and maintain a healthy state-of-being.
I whole-heartedly recommend Jason to anyone who has issues with their health, and I am sure that if his advise and treatments are followed, great results will be achieved.
PS: Seven months ago, they told me that I might have 6 months, but I now have a drivers’ license that says I have at least 5 years!!


Thanks Dr Jason
Marion Jeffries

*results may differ between individuals 


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