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Depression and Anxiety 

When I first came to Jason 18 months ago, I had been experiencing the symptoms of chronic fatigue with bouts of manic depressive activity, very low blood pressure resulting in fainting spells & vomiting. I was also dealing with severe depression and long-term insomnia. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”>

Twelve months prior to my first consultation with Jason, I had blood results showing very high cortisol levels, & low DHEAs. After being treated with pure DHEA compounds for 2 months these levels continued to drop. I was referred to an endocrinologist to explore these results. Further tests confirmed that the initial blood results were deteriorating, a number of previously contracted viruses were laying latent in my blood, and elevated levels of some human growth hormones were also revealed. I was told that these viruses were the cause of my unbalanced hormone levels, which were depleting my adrenal system and stressing my nervous system. With no treatment available for this condition I was told I would just have to manage the symptoms! I had also been referred to a psychiatrist who had started treatment with two different medications.

My physical, emotional & mental condition had seriously impacted on my ability to work and the quality of life. Finally, after the first session with Jason I felt some hope of regaining my health and life.

It was amazing to see the live blood analysis. My blood cells were small, clumped together and irregular in shape. Old viruses were visible in some blood cells, toxins from the anti-depressants and elevated white cell activity were also evident.

Jason designed an easy to manage program for me, which included some minor adjustments to my diet, and some supplements complemented with herbal and/or homeopathic mixtures as my needs changed. From time to time I would have some acupuncture or body work to help support and balance my body.

During the first 8 months of working with Jason my energy improved continually as the various treatments supported my adrenal and nervous systems, gradually bringing them back to a state of balance.

Although my energy had improved, my mental state had deteriorated to the point of being suicidal. I was still on anti-depressant/anxiety medication, which had simply made me feel numb. As Jason had begun supporting and re balancing my body during the past 8 months I was ready to begin to withdraw from the other medications.

With Jason’s daily support over the coming weeks, I was able to withdraw from the medications with considerable ease. Some days were better than others’, but Jason’s ability to treat my needs with a variety of approaches was invaluable!!

Three weeks after completing the withdrawal program Jason did another Live Blood Analysis. The results were stunning. If I didn’t see the blood come out of my finger and onto the slide for viewing, I would not have believed I was looking at my blood! I now had perfectly round and healthy blood cells. The blood was clear instead of “milky” from the drugs and the white cell activity was reduced to a normal range. I encourage you to ask Jason to see my before and after pictures!

Today, I am able to exercise moderately, maintain a healthy work schedule and sleep.

I manage stress better so that the effects on my adrenals are minimal and have a program to support my ongoing journey of balance and health.

Not only have I returned to a better state of health, I am better educated about living & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I have no doubt that I would not be here to write this testimonial if it were not for Jason’s care and expertise, for which I am eternally grateful!!

Jason has also helped support my mother through cancer, which has been diagnosed as “incurable”.

I encourage you to read her story.


Naomie Martelli

Business Owner

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