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Back Pain

I am a recreational surfer and had experience mid thoracic pain for over 12 years in this time I have tried many different therapies including, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage therapy for my back and nothing seemed to fix my problem.

I discovered dorn spinal therapy and decided to contact a practitioner and found Dr Jason by chance.

On our first visit Jason performed a combination of number of techniques including, myofascial therapy, dorn spinal therapy, Rolfing and Acupuncture. Jason also took the time to explain to me what was going wrong with my structure and recommended some home help exercises . After the session I was so amazed and could not believe that after only one first visit my pain that I experienced for 12 years had completely disappeared. In fact I felt so good after my first visit I felt like I didn’t need to see him again!!

I strongly recommend Jason integrative approach to Musculoskeletal problems.

Craig, Central Coast
*results may vary between individuals 

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