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I was diagnosed with Lupus just over 9 years ago I originally went to see Jason Mallia ND PhD as a result of tiredness associated with my condition of Lupus. I was also experiencing wide spread pain and inflammation in my lower back and legs with pulling sensations in my lower limbs which was causing me some depression .I had been taking Prednisone for a recent condition as prescribed from my doctor, the condition would clear but would reoccur weeks later, each time the my symptoms seemed to worsening


I am an active person so it means a lot to me to be active as non activity seems to affect my mood further .Jason ran a few tests including the EIS full body scan and various blood tests to determine which areas needed addressing .The tests revealed a whole lot more than I thought was going on, but Jason assured me there were measures that we could take to improve my condition.


After the first visit I had restored hope that I could improve my health with the information given and the correct treatment .Jason treated initial symptoms with a number of natural preparations including herbal medicine, vitamins and amino acids .After just the first visit I had improved! , I had more energy and was feeling very positive about the lifestyle changes needed to further improve my health


Jason then proceeded to implement an overall program for management of my condition. This included dietary advice, stress management techniques and natural medications.We also talked about the possibility of replacing my prednisone over a period of time and I liked the idea of trying something natural to manage my condition.


After only 4 months after first seeing Jason , I have my life back , I am off all drugs and am using natural therapy to manage my condition . I recently had a blood test with all parameters in the normal range !!. At 45 year of age I’ve joined an outdoor fitness group and I’ve taken up soccer for the first time, some might call it a mid life crisis, but this truly the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been.



KT (Cherrybrook)


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