Lupus or SLE is a Chronic Auto-immune disease characterised by inflammation initiated by the carriers own immune system. It is believed that Genetic factors , past viral infections and lifestyle factors contribute to the condition but the exact cause is largely unknown. Diagnosis is of lupus usually comes as a results of abnormal inflammatory makers and self anti-bodies confirm the diagnosis . The onset of symptoms vary including , tiredness , fatigue , pain and the classic Butterfly rash on the persons face .

Treatment is usually aimed at reducing the overactivity of the persons immune system and controlling symptoms using a combination of Steroids and immunosuppressant’s. Controlling the persons pain may involved physical therapies including massage , Acupuncture and physical therapies .

Once such therapy that offers safe treatment of pain and inflammation is the Dorn Method AKA Dorn Spinal therapy .

The Dorn Spinal Therapy is a low force, non manipulative spinal and joint therapy suitable for patients that need correction of their spine and other structures of their body. The therapy originated in Germany over thirty years ago and was developed by Dieter Dorn , it is now practiced by over 1000 practitioners world wide. DORN therapy involves gentle re- alignment techniques which work on balancing the leg length, spine and all of the joints of the body .Dorn spinal therapy can work in conjunction with other therapy’s including Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Acupuncture or on its own as an alternative to these therapy.
One of the main advantages and points of difference to other manipulative therapies is that it involves no high velocity thrusting or cracking. The technique instead uses a combination of pressure / mobilisation to facilitate the body to realign itself in a gentler fashion.
Another advantage is that the patient is not completely passive during the treatment. It requires and encourages the patient to get involved in their treatment. The patient can then as a result mimic the re-alignments as part of their own home maintenance regime.
History of The Dorn Method
As mentioned the Dorn method was developed by Dieter Dorn some 30 years ago in Germany it is now fast becoming the widest used Therapy for Back Pain and many Spinal Disorders in Germany and around the world. In Australia the number of practitioners is growing fast and as result the first Dorn Method Association was formed in The Method is featured in numerous books and medical expositions, its also taught to medical students in some universities, in Germany it is covered by most private medical insurances and is becoming more and more recognized in general.

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