Stressed, tired and fatigued, sleep not fixing it ? you may need a holiday!

Many people now days suffers from stress, tiredness and fatigue and can not seem to break the cycle.

There are many known causes including , past viral infections, toxicity, emotional stress and simply just overwork !

In most cases rest , a change of diet or herbal meds can improve a condition, but many people don’t realise how important taking time out is .

As clinician I burnt out early as a result of working too many days and not taking enough time for me , now days I have a balanced work /life ethic to offset this happening .

For some to get back on track it is required to take a month or two off work and get away to ensure stresses are minimised . I often recommend patients take a well earned holiday .

To ensure you get the most out of your holiday I recommend the following:

  • take a break to somewhere relaxing , rather than a faced paced have to do holiday . Somewhere tropical is ideal
  • Ensure where you go has nature and fresh air to help you rejuvenate your cells from the negative ions
  • avoid too much alcohol and coffee
  • take a siesta every day to catch up on sleep
  • book yourself in for a yoga or massage session
  • take walks and exercise daily in the forest or  by the sea
  • drink plenty of water .
  • Do not take work things with you such as reading and other work related items !
  • enjoy yourself and relax as much as possible
  • try and avoid using an itinerary this will only make you feel regimented like your daily life
  • Practice some kind of spiritual activity , meditation, praying or other


My recommendation is that people take small regular breaks rather that 1 large break when all else has failed this will ensure you recharge regularly . For those on a budget try doing day trips to the sea , or blue mountains , if you can stay the night this is recommended .

And remember don’t forget take your supplements with you!

Jason Mallia Sydney Naturopath Acupuncturist


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