Vital Man Program

Are you a Man who is feeling unwell and not sure why, perhaps your not performing your best, Maybe you want a achieve more in your life?

In today’s fast paced society, modern man is faced with many day to day challenges. These challenges include work stresses, financial challenges, family and personal life. It’s therefore no wonder why their health fails at various points in their lives from the impact modern day life has. Many men push through and often ignore the signs of ill health while others seek help and early intervention and develop strategies to overcome their health concerns and to better their life and performance in life.

According to 2018 Statistics 1 in 8 men will experience mental health issues such as depression and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage in their lives, according to Beyond Blue.

Common Health problems man face

Testosterone Deficiency

Androgens are male sex hormones. Testosterone, the most important male hormone is important for mental health, maintaining muscle and has a vital role in the cardiovascular system. It also is the antiaging male hormone and heathy levels are required throughout life. Testosterone deficiency occurs when the body is not able to make enough testosterone and although this is not life-threatening, it can affect a man’s mental health and quality of life.

Poor Sexual Performance

It’s very important for a man to a healthy sex life and live a full life. Being unable to maintain an erection is very common and can be very distressing for men. Erectile dysfunction accounts for 1 in 5 men aged over 40 years and considered a symptom of other health disorders such as cardiovascular disease as it not considered a disease in itself. It is therefore very important to have the underlying condition assessed to understand its cause.

Fertility issues

Infertility is not just a “woman’s health problem”. In fact 4 in 10 cases of infertility are attributable to a problem in the man. Male infertility is usually caused by poor sperm motility, low sperm production or other conditions that affect the sperm such as autoimmune disorders.

Male infertility can also be a sign of another health condition, such as testosterone deficiency or other chronic disease so it’s important to get checked out by your health professional if you have had concerns with your fertility.

The Vital Man program is a program designed in consideration of the challenges man faces in today’s high pressure lifestyles.

How this program works in 7 steps.

Step 1 Gather current information on the diagnosed condition including medical reports to date and specialist reports.

Step 2 A timeline is performed to understand the patient’s progression over time toward their current state of health. (The Integrated health continuum developed by Dr Jason Mallia is used).

Step 3 In doing the timeline the EXPOSOME (environmental and lifestyle factors exposure over time) are analysed. Further investigation is attained by functional analysis.

Step 4 Genetic information and blood type susceptibilities are analysed, referral for genetic and blood testing if required.

Step 5 Functional testing is ordered to fill in the gaps in the understanding.

Step 6 A report of findings is developed. A program is then implemented including, diet, lifestyle, nutraceuticals, herbal medication and stress management depending on your drivers of the condition.

Step 7 A clear outcome of treatment is identified, and timeframes are implemented.

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