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Dry Needling in Sydney 

Dry Needling is a technique adopted by many Non registered healthcare practitioners to describe the applications of needles to the body for the treatment of Musclular Skeletal problems or Pain . It is often used by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Doctors after attending a weekend Course in Needling . The method is applied according to western methodology and is not classified as  Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture .

 In contrast Acupuncturists apply Needling according to a detailed Clinical History , Diagnosis and case study along with the Symptoms associated with the condition. Whilst dry needling can be effective in the treatment of Pain and physical problems , often better results are achieved when an understanding of where the  issue has originated from is fully understood. When selecting your practitioner it is recommend that you consult with a Registered  Acupuncturist  in order to recieve comprehensive assessment and treatment.

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