Pregnancy Acupuncture

As an important part of your pregnancy and birth plan, Acupuncture serves to facilitate a smoother, pain free pregnancy and successful labour. In the early stages of your pregnancy Acupuncture may preserve and stabilise the pregnancy and may prevent miscarriage and symptoms associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness, back pain, headaches, mood swings and adaptive changes as you move through each trimester.

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with massage, cupping and tens machine in the later stages of pregnancy to ripen the cervix and prepare the uterus for the birth of your child. Prior to labour it can also be used to help with the bearing down of the child and to engage your baby for birth. Special points are selected to help with the movement of energy to facilitate the natural will of your body allowing the removal of blocks that may cause difficulty. It is recommend as regularly as possible in the later stages and can be used when you go into labour if you choose to avoid epidural or conventional pain medication. Another option is to have us educate you on the points to use and Acupressure can be applied by your birth partner.

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