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Dorn Method training Course Dates for 2019


Sydney  (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)


contact 95181253


Adelaide (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)

Basic and Advanced


Perth (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)

Basic And advanced


Brisbane (contact Hiedi Hirschy 07 33482431)


Basic and Advanced





The Dorn Method

Gentle Non- Manipulative Spinal and Joint Therapy


The Dorn Method, AKA Dorn Therapy, is a low force, non-manipulative spinal and joint therapy suitable for patients that need correction of their
spine and other structures of their body.

The therapy originated in Germany over thirty years ago and is now practiced by over 1000 practitioners. DORN therapy involves gentle re- alignment techniques which work on balancing the leg length, spine and all of the joints of the body. Dorn therapy can work in conjunction with other therapy’s including Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Acupuncture or on its own as an alternative to these therapy.


cancellation policy for all Dorn Courses

A strict non-refund policy applies to all Dorn Method training held by Integrated Health . Cancellations of a course within 3 months of the Dorn Training results in no refund for course fees .

Depending on the circumstances if proof is given for non-attendance IE a medical condition or other, then a credit will be issued for a future course .



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