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Dorn Method/Dorn Therapy Training

Become Certified as a Dorn Method Practitioner ,



Learn to :

  1. Quickly Gently and safely Re-Align the Spine with no Cracking and High Amplitude thusting (seen in Chiropractic and Osteopathy)
  2. treat all peripheral Joints of the body

Dorn Method Basic Seminar – Course Outline

Recommended Hours: 16 – 18 hrs (2 days)



Introduction to the Dorn Method:

(Approximately 2 hours)

  • What is the Dorn Method? (Why Method?)
  • The History of the Dorn Method (Dieter Dorn – Hildegard Steinhauser – AWHAI (Thomas Zudrell)
  • How to use the Dorn Method (Self Help, Therapy), Incl. legal considerations, Listing in the Therapist’s List, Advanced Training towards therapist, Importance of following the principles and guidelines!
  • Course sequence explanation – Demonstration and Explanation followed by Hands on Training, Step by Step with changing roles of students
  • Basic Anatomy (Spine, Joints, Muscles, Nerves and their connection to ailments)
  • Basic Physiology (Misalignments cause Imbalances followed by Muscular Tensions and Stressed Nerves that impair the Information Exchange between Brain and Organs/Body)
  • Body – Mind – Spirit (Non Physical Connections to Health Issues)
  • Principals of the practical therapy part:
  • Applications, Limitations and Contra-Indications, Do’s and Don’ts, Body Reactions to the Treatment, Complementary Therapies!
  • Connections to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Science) Part 1


Practical Application of the Dorn Method :

(Approximately 4 – 6 hours)

(Demonstration by the Teacher on a sample patient followed by Hands-On Training of Students with changing roles)

  • Leg length check
  • Hip joint correction (Self Help and Therapist Method)
  • Knee joint correction
  • Ankle joint correction

Sacrum check (Correct positioning of thumbs)

  • Sacrum correction at Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
  • Sacrum correction at lower sacrum (coccyx) (Dr. Michael Graulich Method)
  • Lumbar vertebrae check
  • Lumbar vertebrae correction
  • Correction of a lumbar scoliosis (pressure while sliding downwards!)
  • Thoracic vertebrae check (from TH8 to Th1) – Demonstrate how to find and count the vertebra!
  • Thoracic vertebrae correction
  • Correction of Thoracic scoliosis
  • Cervical vertebrae check (best in steps: first 6th  and 7th followed by 5th to 3rd then 2nd (axis – with movement test!) then 1st (atlas)
  • Cervical vertebrae correction (best in steps: first 6th and 7th followed by 5th to 3rd then 2nd (axis – treat always both sides!) then 1st (atlas – treat always both sides! – Show variations!)


This completes the basic Spine Alignment and should be part of every Dorn Method Treatment.


The following treatment sequence of all other joints can be included in a full Dorn Therapy; however it is usually only applied on specific cases.

Correction of the other Joints

:(usually done in a sitting position):


  • Shoulder Joint correction (with variations)
  • Elbow Joint correction (with variations)
  • Hand Joint correction
  • Finger Joint correction
  • Thumb Base Joint correction


Remember: Gentle pressure is applied while the joint is moved from a bended (90°) position to a straight position. Do not cause Pain. Repeat several times. Do not overdo it. Watch for correct posture and breathing.

  • Collar Bone – Sternum Joint correction
  • TMJ (Jaw – Mandibular Joint) correction (with variations)
  • Toe joints (Similar to finger joints!)
  • Questions and Answers Time

The Dorn Method Self Help Exercises:

  • Explanation of the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises
  • Demonstration of the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises
  • Student Training and Application
  • Review of the Topics!


This usually completes the first day of the Seminar!

Second Day of the Dorn Method Seminar!

  • Theoretical Review of Day one with Question and Answer session.
  • Completion of parts missed at day one (if necessary)
  • Connections to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Science) Part 2


Complete practical review without interruption (approx. 2 hrs) – Students repeat the complete sequence of the Dorn Method Therapy with changing roles while simulating a real patient situation! (Optional if enough time!)

This ends the Basic Dorn Method Seminar!

Time permitting the Basic Dorn Method Seminar is complemented with the Breuss Massage (approx. 2 hrs)

Complementary part: The Breuss Massage

(approx. 2 hrs after the Basic Dorn Method Seminar if time permits!)

  1. Explanation of the Breuss Massage (From Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss – a perfect complement to the Dorn Method – Before, After or as its own Therapy) Pain Free Healing through the Spine!
  2. Demonstration (Application) of the Massage (either complete or in steps directly followed by students!)
  • Stretching strokes one and two with little oil
  • Stretching strokes one and two with plenty of oil
  • Alignment strokes one and two with plenty of oil
  • Energizing part with Japanese paper application – paper acts a capacitor for excess energy and at the same time as insulator towards the therapist.
  • Healing part: Magnetism (Energy Hands On Healing) Right Handed Therapist now stands on patients left side and vise versa. – 3 positions each held for approx. 1 Minute.
  • Aura balancing strokes
  • Aura closing
  • Wash Hands to cleanse from excess energies
  • Remove Japanese paper from patient and dispose paper
  • Wipe excess oil from patients back and help patient up!

This completes the Breuss Massage!

  • Final Questions and Answers Session!
  • Donation of Certificates (Basic Dorn Method)
  • Group Photos and Socializing part

This completes the ‘Basic’ Dorn Method Seminar!

  • Students are encouraged to use their new acquired knowledge on actual patients, however they must strictly follow the guidelines to ensure effective and safe conduct!
  • Students are authorized to give treatments to anybody if they have a valid license as massage therapist, PT, MD, Nurse etc. or if they work under supervision of a licensed practitioner.
  • If a Student wants to get a Dorn Method advanced ‘Therapist’ Certificate he/she must treat a minimum of 20 patients with proper documentation followed by the proper treatment conduct demonstrated to an authorized Dorn Method Teacher either during a follow up or advanced Seminar or on an individually scheduled meeting.
  • The Student can then be listed as Therapist in the official Dorn Practitioners Listing at www.dorn-method.com



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