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Homoeopathy like naturopathy is a system of natural medicine that treats the body as a whole and helps it heal itself. The name homoeopathy comes from the Greek word homios meaning like and pathos meaning suffering. Homeopathy therefore means treating like with like, ie this means that a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can also cure similar symptoms in a sick person. It is different to allopathic or convential medicine where treatment of illness is with antidotes rather than with a substance that is similar to disease.

Homoeopathy first became prominent in the 19th century through German Physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann who pioneered homoeopathy. However it was the father of medicine himself Hippocrates who first introduced homoeopathic medicines into medical practice. Hippocrates` understanding of disease and how it affects the body was a major breakthrough in the development of homoeopathy. He believed that individual’s symptoms, their disease expression, and their healing ability were crucial in diagnosing and treating disease. This philosophy remains the corner stone of modern homoeopathy today.

On your first visit the homeopathic clinician will take a thorough medical history along with a detailed examination of your symptoms. The homoeopath will ask numerous questions about yourself and your lifestyle. The clinician will ask questions about, your family history, your mental and emotional balance, you’re spiritual beliefs and your diet.

Once your examination is complete a remedy is chosen. Your remedy is chosen based on the practitioners broad understanding of the information received from the first consultation. In choosing the remedy much attention is given to treatment of underlying cause as well as your presenting symptoms.

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