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Pain Management Sydney 

Pain affects most of us at some point in our lives wether it be a simple headache , back pain or related to a chronic health condition .It is often a signal and an outward expression  of an underlying health condition . Most pain is related to an inflammatory process happening in the body, wether it be from an acute injury or chronic degenerative process from disease.

It is important to understand that some kinds of  pain or inflammation is a sign of an acute response by the body to mend or heal a tissue . Therefore inflammation means healing especially in acute situations.

Modern day medicine has strong medications that can help with the management peoples pain ,including , Non-Steroidal antinflammatories and Cortisone however often compromising the health of other organs or tissues. The reason is that these forms of medication  in their attempt to stop pain , block the inflammatory process (responsible for healing )therefore blocking the natural healing mechanism of the body often leading to chronic pain that deteriorates.

For successful treatment of pain one must first understand the origin of the Pain and eliminate it  . For example a sub-luxation of a vertebra pressure on a Nerve by re-aligning the vertebrae the origin is addressed. Then it is important to understand why it is presenting in a particular part of the body, is it referred from another site ?or is it a local pain as a result of a tissue injury? . Once this is clearly understood a treatment must be directed to the origin and location of the pain .

Treatments  must be directed at the symptoms of pain , equally encouraging moderate inflammation to ensure the  healing  mechanism of the body is not blocked .

Natural Treatment that are proven effective  for Pain include : Acupuncture , Biomesotherapy (injection therapy) , Massage Therapy, Cupping therapy, Spinal Therapy and Natural antinflammatories medications .

Here at the clinic we use an integrative approach to managing your pain using the latest technology and proven traditional methods

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