Remedial Massage Therapy Sydney Inner West

So what is massage?
“Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues with specific techniques to promote and restore health” (Nikki Bradford et al 1996 The Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Complementary Health)

Various tissues such as the muscles, ligaments and tendons can be directly treated with massage therapy. Combinations of various techniques are used to improve blood flow, increase or decrease muscle flexibility and deliver nutrition to injured or dysfunctional tissue sites. A key objective for the massage practitioner is to relax tight, tense muscles in order to restore their function. Such techniques may include, effleurage, muscle kneading, deep tissue therapy, myofascial stretching, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques.

There are many different forms of massage however the most well known massage therapy is remedial massage therapy. Most modern massage practitioners are first trained in remedial massage and then undertake further study in an area of interest such as myofascial therapy, structural integration and sports injury therapy.

On your first consultation, your therapist will record your history and discuss your reasons for your visit. The therapist will also perform a postural analysis in order to identify which muscles are causing your pain and ongoing discomfort. Your practitioner will then develop a program in order to help you with your presenting symptoms and ultimately your posture.
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