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Scar therapy

Scar therapy  involves unblocking scar tissue that could be contributing to a particular health concern with the use of Acupuncture , Biopuncture or energy therapy  .

For example a toe joint issue may be problematic as a result of a scar tissue that surrounds the toe joint . It is understood that scarring as a result of an injury to tissue disrupts the flow of energy and nutrients to tissues surrounding the scar tissue inhibiting the proper function of neighboring tissues by preventing oxygen and nutrient supply to this tissue .

Acupuncture channels that become cut or crossed by the scarring can have long term detrimental affects if not treated . By unblocking scar tissue , energy is able to move freely through scar tissue and supply neccessary nutrients and blood flow to affected tissues.

How is it done ?

By Acupuncture

Fine needles are strategically placed along the scar and left in for approximately 20 Mins. The amount of treatment depends on the severity of the scar. Generally if the scar lightens from red to a pink color then this usually means the treatment is successfull. If the redness remains further treatment may be neccessary . Some cosmetic improvements may be evident after treatment.

By BioPuncture or Biomesotherapy

Using a fine needle filled with Saline and homeopathic preperations, the entire scar is injected and filled with saline. Usually only one treatment is neccessary with this type of treatment.

Case Study

Women 58 presents with crushing tightness and pain in her chest for 25 years  ,Menapausal symptoms

 History of C section for last pregnancy 25 years AGO

When asked when the discomfort started? ,”she replied after my pregnancy” .

  Alarm bells were ringing and decided that the scarring may have contributed as it passed through various meridians that we connected to the chest area.

One treatment only was performed ,

1 week later there was complete ameliriation of her chest symptoms. Patient said it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her chest. The patients menapause symptoms also had improved dramatically . Suggesting that by restoring the CV channel related to the  female reproductive improvement in hormonal balance was acheieved .  


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