An introduction to The Dorn Method (online certification training)


The Dorn Method is a low force, non-manipulative spinal and joint therapy suitable for patients that need gentle balancing of their spine and soft tissue structures of their body. The therapy originated in Germany over thirty years ago and was developed by Dieter Dorn. It is now practised by over 1000 practitioners worldwide.

Dorn Therapy involves gentle re-balancing techniques which work on re-aligning the leg length, sacrum, spine and peripheral joints of the body. Dorn Therapy can work in conjunction with other therapies including Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Acupuncture or on its own as a stand-alone therapy.

One of the main advantages and points of difference to manipulative therapies is that it involves no high-velocity thrusting or cracking. The technique instead uses a combination of pressure and joint movement through its normal range to facilitate the body to realign itself in a gentler fashion.

Another advantage is that the patient is not completely passive during the treatment. It requires and encourages the patient to get involved in their treatment. The patient can then as a result mimic the techniques as part of their own home maintenance regime.

In this online course you will learn:

  • About the history and theory behind the Dorn Method (DM)
  • About benefits and limitations of the DM
  • Understand the biomechanics and mechanisms of the DM
  • The anatomical landmarks required to perform the therapy
  • How to facilitate joint re-alignment with gentle movement and pressure
  • How it works in comparison to other therapies
  • To balance leg length, hips, pelvis and sacrum
  • The self-help exercises to maintain balance
  • How to integrate the DM into your integrated practice
  • How to improve your bodywork business by adding the DM to your practice.

*Please note this is a theory-based course with some video demonstration, detailed step by step instructions on the technique are given in the level 1 and Advanced training. 


This certification course is the first of a 4 part series of trainings in the Dorn Method


In this online course, Dr Mallia introduces the student to the philosophy, mechanism and technique of the Dorn Method.

Type of Course: Introductory theory and practical demonstration

Medium: Online

Duration: Up to 2 hours (you have one month access after buying the course)

Certification given:  Certificate in the Dorn Method (Intro training online)

CPE accredited ATMS and ARM