Super Curcuma 15ml



Super Curcuma is an extemporaneously prepared Curcumin supplement prepared by Dr Jason Mallia (Acupuncturist and Clinical Naturopath). 

Super Curcuma is most potent and effective Curcumin you will find on the market today with a very wide therapeutic range, We use a highly superior extraction process called Supercritical extraction to extract only the active ingredients while discarding the unwanted fibers and cellulose that affect bioavailability and absorption, This is highly advantageous when considering that most Curcumin supplements have at best 30% maximum absorption.  Super Curcuma on the other hand has maximum absorption up to 90% which is comparable to IV administration.

Most herbalists and Naturopaths are familiar with Turmeric that comes from Curcuma Longa which has many benefits. Super Curcuma on the other hand contains Curcuma Xanthorrhiza which has a number of added benefits

Curcuma Xanthorrhiza possesses many different phytoconstituents that give rise to a number of therapeutic activities. For instance, the curcuminoidsin C. xanthorrhiza elicit antioxidant effects against the autooxidation of linoleic acid (Masuda et al., 1992). Xanthorrhizol has been reported to show antibacterial activities against Lactobacillus sp., Porphyromonas gingivalis, and Streptococcus sp. Xanthorrhizol also acts as a remedial agent for gastrointestinal and constipation-related disorders. Other medicinally important constituents of this plant are curcumene, curzerenone, and turmerone (Hwang et al., 2000). C. xanthorrhiza rhizome extracts also have been used in traditional medicines as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents (Ozaki, 1990).

So not only are you getting a unique curcuma that boasts all of the benefits of Curcuma Longa but added benefits with maximum bio-availability and potency!

Please note this product is an extemporaneous herbal medicine, once ordered Dr Jason Mallia will call or email before dispensing to.


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