Tesla Gold Series Plugin (wifi and general EMF protection)

$499.00 $399.00


Designed protection from Wi-Fi and general EMF
Covers 90 meters spherical diameter area
Size 9cm x 3cm x 4cm (3.5″x 1.2″x 1.6″)
Weight 75g (3oz)
Uses multiple waveform output
Great for homes and offices
Some detox effect
High strength field effect
Reduces fatigue
Reduces EMF symptoms
Promotes emotional stability
Helps maintain a level of alertness
Enables restful sleep
May increase energy levels


Tesla Gold Series Plugin

The Plug-in model comes with 4 different international plug types and has a 45 metre radius area in all directions (90 metre diameter). This model is recommended for homes with low to medium EMF levels. As the strength of the device is more significant than the radius covered, the Cube is recommended for most homes in Australia.
D 90mm x 60mm x 45mm, W 80g.


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