Telsa blue logo white portable

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Designed for avid smart phone users and Wi-Fi
Ideal for gamers compatible with all game types
Great for business trips and air travel
Recommended for computer users
Size 10cm x 6cm x 2cm (4″x 2.4″x 0.8″)
Weight 125g (4.5oz)
Multi waveform output
Some detox effect
High strength large field
Reduces travel fatigue
Reduces travel sickness
Promotes emotional stability
Helps maintain a level of alertness
Helps on long flights, car or boat trips
Enables restful sleep while travelling
May Increase energy levels
Reduce jet lag

Protects From


Tesla blue logo white portable

With a three-metre radius (six metre diameter) area in all directions, place in your pocket or bag when out & about when away from your protected zone or when travelling.
D 100mm x 60mm x 10mm, W 44 and 96g.


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