The Wounded Healer By Dr Jason Mallia

As a young man, author Dr. Jason Mallia experienced trauma and upheaval. But from those experiences and wounds came growth. In The Wounded Healer, he shares a guide to help you accept and embrace your wounds to move toward a deeper sense of self and growth to become the best version of yourself. Using his personal experiences and his work as a practitioner and healer, Mallia teaches you to become your own healer and guide by establishing a plan to improve your health and connect you with achieving your telos. The Wounded Healer presents a discussion of natural versus mainstream medicine, the hidden drivers of disease, the fundamentals of healing, and the five elements of health and wellness. With the goal of empowering you to master your life, Mallia presents a seven-step breakthrough and a plan for transformation. The Wounded Healer offers a tool to help you live the life you were meant to live-abundant, happy, and fulfilling. Mallia is a doctor of integrative medicine. He has been a passionate integrative medicine practitioner for more than twenty years and has facilitated people on their journey to optimum health, wellbeing, and connection to their true purpose in life. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia.


Book Exert

PART 1 The Secret to Mastering Your Life One only heals when sense of self is recognised – Jason Mallia I am going to empower you to live a happy, healthy and amazing life, the life you’ve always dreamt of living. There is a reason that you are reading this book right now. Either consciously or unconsciously you have realised that you need a tool to help you to live the life you want to live – abundant, happy and fulfilling. You have been calling out for something to help you move forward in your life, to move you towards where you aspire to be, your true purpose. It is no coincidence that this book is in front of you. This book is a manifestation of something that you have created, something to help you live the life you’ve always dreamt of since you were a child. It is important to recognise and acknowledge that you are reading these words because it is something you have desired and now you need to make the most of this information to create your destiny. Give yourself a pat on the back for having brought this moment into existence. You need to believe this because then you will realise that you are able to do it again for other things that you want. You are the master of your own life. You are not a victim of circumstance and coincidence. Obviously what we create for ourselves can’t be ridiculous, it needs to be realistic so that we have a minimum of 80% belief that we can achieve whatever that goal may be, and with that belief we can bring it into our reality. You have done that now and by choosing to accept this you can create the life that you want. Health, longevity, vitality, happiness and your life goals will be within your reach. This book is a combination of many years of work and experience – as a healer, a practitioner and a person. It aims to fast track your success, whereas it took me years to develop these understandings through both study and mistakes. I have condensed twenty years down into this book so that you can take this summarized information and run with it and not have to spend a long time to discover the keys yourself. You can harness the energy of my life and be fast tracked to success. Hopefully by the end of this book you will have found what you want to do as a person and know how you can contribute to be the best version of yourself and contribute to this world. This will give you ultimate happiness and mastery of your life. When I first came across this revelation and realised how awesome it was, I wanted to tell the whole world. That is where this book stems from. I am excited to pass it on. I want it to change your life. When it comes to self-help, there is a lot of gimmicky information out there that people are getting misled by. I want people to have some truth, and I know this is true because I have lived it. When I say, ‘One only heals when sense of self is recognised’ – which you will read about later in Part 2.

PART 2 – it’s not just a phrase, it’s something that I feel. This is how I feel about everything that is written in this book. It has the truth of having been tested and lived through. Perhaps you are reading this book because you know there is something else out there for you. Perhaps it’s your health that isn’t where you want it to be. Imagine being able to wake up every morning and feeling like you are in control of your own happiness and destiny. Have you ever felt lost in life, unhappy, not sure what you want, feeling like your life is heading nowhere? Imagine living with clarity, having the ability to create your own life and happiness, knowing what you truly want in your life. If you want to live your life to the full, experiencing life the way you should, then you need to have a plan and strategy. Over the following pages you will develop one. My belief is that in order for us to be happy and fulfilled we need to be living a life of purpose, a life where we are doing what we are meant to be doing. The ancient Greeks called it telos. The ancient Greeks understood that we all have a purpose and that we dwell on this Earth to fulfill it. Self-help books are full of techniques for connecting you to achieving your telos, but my personal experience has reinforced that too often the role health plays is neglected or entirely overlooked. The focus on health is what sets this book apart. If we are not healthy then we lack the clarity required to even know our telos. Without this foundation of good health we cannot enjoy lasting happiness. Too often people do not even understand health. They think of it as just the absence of sickness and disease. Until we get sick we don’t even pay attention to being healthy. This is why most medicine focuses on treating symptoms rather than providing cures. True health, however, is a higher state of function where you are feeling alive and inspired. You have dreams. You are connected to other people. You are achieving your higher purpose, your telos. People have been conditioned in the way they think about health. Most medical doctors will send away patients if they feel sick but their tests don’t show anything connected to an illness. As far as these doctors are concerned, you are healthy if your pathology tests are clear. This creates an environment of only recognizing symptoms and diseases and not underlying health issues that could be developing. This results in only the symptoms and diseases being treated rather than promoting optimum health and wellness. As long as the symptoms go away, people think they are healthy. At this point, this is when medical doctors should refer their patients to natural or Integrative medicine practitioners so that they can improve their wellbeing rather than waiting around until they get unwell again. This is the problem. There is not enough direction given to people about preventative measures they can be taking to become the healthiest version of themselves possible. There is not enough emphasis on lifestyle and prevention. Instead patients are only treated when there is recognisable evidence of a disease. As a result people, do not seek to truly get better and to be truly healthy. Instead people just accept their status quo. They accept that they are getting older, they accept that there is nothing better for them out there, they accept that they feel flat all the time as part of the stresses of life and put it down to age. We accept not being truly healthy as part of who we are because we do not realise how well we can really be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel better by changing what you put into your body, how you think about your body, and what you do with your body. Healing is a way of life; it’s ongoing. Healing is about giving yourself the best possible platform from which to reach your maximum potential, from which to achieve your telos. I am still healing and by reading this book you are entering into a journey of healing along with me. Fortunately, the body is very responsive when you do what you are meant to do for it. I have confidence in the body’s healing abilities, and you will too after you discover who you are and create the right environment for yourself – whether that be through the right diet, the right mindset, the right exercise, or any combination of the factors you will learn about in these pages. The key to allowing your body to heal itself is to put it in the right environment. Science has even proven this and one body of research explains this. We once thought that we were at the mercy of our DNA, however we have discovered otherwise. Scientists removed the DNA from functioning cells and observed their reaction to various environments. What they discovered was cells were not only being instructed by their DNA, but by their environment. This explains why two people with very similar DNA such as twins can be different even though their DNA is the same. This is called Epigenetics .


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