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Vitamin Mineral and Amino acid Testing

Available at the clinic are an array of health screening proceedures which are designed to uncover any possible nutritional deficiencies that could be affecting your health.

Why test for Nutritional Deficiencies?

In todays ever increasing hectic lifestyle,  it is very easy to increase the stress and the demands on our bodies.  When such demands are high, our bodies need support to ensure that it operates at its best potential and also to prevent illness.Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential nutrients that our bodies needs in amounts according to our demands to ensure our bodies are correctly nourished .

In order to assess the body correctly it is imperative to do the right testing , otherwise merely taking supplements based on what your local shop assistant tells you may be money down the toilet or extra stress for your kidneys and liver.  

Too many times have we seen in our clinic patients come in with a bag of supplements that their bodies just do not need or are not specific enough to their nutritional status . So to ensure that your body gets what it needs the correct testing is required .

Vitmains can be Toxic in the wrong doses or in the wrong therapeautic range…..

When determining the vitamin and mineral status of an individual, it is first important to understand how these nutrients occur and how they are stored in the body. Once this is known then the correct medical assessment may be used to determine the bodies levels .  
to be continued ………………..

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