Dorn Method/Dorn Therapy Training

Become Certified as a Dorn Method Practitioner, Learn to:

  1. Quickly Gently and safely Re-Align the Spine with no Cracking and High Amplitude thusting (seen in Chiropractic and Osteopathy)
  2. treat all peripheral Joints of the body

Dorn Method Basic Seminar – Course Outline

Recommended Hours: 16 – 18 hrs (2 days)

Introduction to the Dorn Method:

(Approximately 2 hours)

  • What is the Dorn Method? (Why Method?)
  • The History of the Dorn Method (Dieter Dorn – Hildegard Steinhauser – AWHAI (Thomas Zudrell)
  • How to use the Dorn Method (Self Help, Therapy), Incl. legal considerations, Listing in the Therapist’s List, Advanced Training towards therapist, Importance of following the principles and guidelines!
  • Course sequence explanation – Demonstration and Explanation followed by Hands on Training, Step by Step with changing roles of students
  • Basic Anatomy (Spine, Joints, Muscles, Nerves and their connection to ailments)
  • Basic Physiology (Misalignments cause Imbalances followed by Muscular Tensions and Stressed Nerves that impair the Information Exchange between Brain and Organs/Body)
  • Body – Mind – Spirit (Non Physical Connections to Health Issues)
  • Principals of the practical therapy part:
  • Applications, Limitations and Contraindications, Do’s and Don’ts, Body Reactions to the Treatment, Complementary Therapies!
  • Connections to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Science) Part 1

Practical Application of the Dorn Method :

(Approximately 4 – 6 hours)

(Demonstration by the Teacher on a sample patient followed by Hands-On Training of Students with changing roles)

  • Leg length check
  • Hip joint correction (Self Help and Therapist Method)
  • Knee joint correction
  • Ankle joint correction

Sacrum check (Correct positioning of thumbs)

  • Sacrum correction at Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
  • Sacrum correction at lower sacrum (coccyx) (Dr. Michael Graulich Method)
  • Lumbar vertebrae check
  • Lumbar vertebrae correction
  • Correction of a lumbar scoliosis (pressure while sliding downwards!)
  • Thoracic vertebrae check (from TH8 to Th1) – Demonstrate how to find and count the vertebra!
  • Thoracic vertebrae correction
  • Correction of Thoracic scoliosis
  • Cervical vertebrae check (best in steps: first 6th and 7th followed by 5th to 3rd then 2nd (axis – with movement test!) then 1st (atlas)
  • Cervical vertebrae correction (best in steps: first 6th and 7th followed by 5th to 3rd then 2nd (axis – treat always both sides!) then 1st (atlas – treat always both sides! – Show variations!)

This completes the basic Spine Alignment and should be part of every Dorn Method Treatment.
The following treatment sequence of all other joints can be included in a full Dorn Therapy; however it is usually only applied on specific cases.

Correction of the other Joints

(usually done in a sitting position):

  • Shoulder Joint correction (with variations)
  • Elbow Joint correction (with variations)
  • Hand Joint correction
  • Finger Joint correction
  • Thumb Base Joint correction

Remember: Gentle pressure is applied while the joint is moved from a bended (90°) position to a straight position. Do not cause Pain. Repeat several times. Do not overdo it. Watch for correct posture and breathing.

  • Collar Bone – Sternum Joint correction
  • TMJ (Jaw – Mandibular Joint) correction (with variations)
  • Toe joints (Similar to finger joints!)
  • Questions and Answers Time

The Dorn Method Self Help Exercises:

  • Explanation of the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises
  • Demonstration of the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises
  • Student Training and Application
  • Review of the Topics!
This usually completes the first day of the Seminar!

Second Day of the Dorn Method Seminar!

  • Theoretical Review of Day one with Question and Answer session.
  • Completion of parts missed at day one (if necessary)
  • Connections to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Science) Part 2

Complete practical review without interruption (approx. 2 hrs) – Students repeat the complete sequence of the Dorn Method Therapy with changing roles while simulating a real patient situation! (Optional if enough time!)
This ends the Basic Dorn Method Seminar!
Time permitting the Basic Dorn Method Seminar is complemented with the Breuss Massage (approx. 2 hrs)

Complementary part: The Breuss Massage

(approx. 2 hrs after the Basic Dorn Method Seminar if time permits!)

  1. Explanation of the Breuss Massage (From Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss – a perfect complement to the Dorn Method – Before, After or as its own Therapy) Pain Free Healing through the Spine!
  2. Demonstration (Application) of the Massage (either complete or in steps directly followed by students!)
  • Stretching strokes one and two with little oil
  • Stretching strokes one and two with plenty of oil
  • Alignment strokes one and two with plenty of oil
  • Energizing part with Japanese paper application – paper acts a capacitor for excess energy and at the same time as insulator towards the therapist.
  • Healing part: Magnetism (Energy Hands On Healing) Right Handed Therapist now stands on patients left side and vise versa. – 3 positions each held for approx. 1 Minute.
  • Aura balancing strokes
  • Aura closing
  • Wash Hands to cleanse from excess energies
  • Remove Japanese paper from patient and dispose paper
  • Wipe excess oil from patients back and help patient up!

This completes the Breuss Massage!

  • Final Questions and Answers Session!
  • Donation of Certificates (Basic Dorn Method)
  • Group Photos and Socializing part

This completes the ‘Basic’ Dorn Method Seminar!

  • Students are encouraged to use their new acquired knowledge on actual patients, however they must strictly follow the guidelines to ensure effective and safe conduct!
  • Students are authorized to give treatments to anybody if they have a valid license as massage therapist, PT, MD, Nurse etc. or if they work under supervision of a licensed practitioner.
  • If a Student wants to get a Dorn Method advanced ‘Therapist’ Certificate he/she must treat a minimum of 20 patients with proper documentation followed by the proper treatment conduct demonstrated to an authorized Dorn Method Teacher either during a follow up or advanced Seminar or on an individually scheduled meeting.
  • The Student can then be listed as Therapist in the official Dorn Practitioners Listing at

Dorn Method training Course Dates for 2019

Sydney (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)
contact 95181253

Adelaide (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)
Basic and Advanced

Perth (contact Dr Jason Mallia 95181253)
Basic And advanced

Brisbane (contact Heidi Hirschy 07 33482431)
Basic and Advanced

The Dorn Method

Gentle Non- Manipulative Spinal and Joint Therapy
The Dorn Method, AKA Dorn Therapy, is a low force, non-manipulative spinal and joint therapy suitable for patients that need correction of their spine and other structures of their body.
The therapy originated in Germany over thirty years ago and is now practiced by over 1000 practitioners. DORN therapy involves gentle re- alignment techniques which work on balancing the leg length, spine and all of the joints of the body. Dorn therapy can work in conjunction with other therapies including Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Acupuncture or on its own as an alternative to these therapy.

cancellation policy for all Dorn Courses
A strict non-refund policy applies to all Dorn Method training held by Integrated Health . Cancellations of a course within 3 months of the Dorn Training results in no refund for course fees .
Depending on the circumstances if proof is given for non-attendance IE a medical condition or other, then a credit will be issued for a future course .

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