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Why is secretor status testing necessary?

Most individuals (80 to 85%) have their blood type represented as an antigen molecule expressed on the surface on each of their cells. These blood type antigens act like gate keepers and determine what is allowed into the body for nourishment and what is foreign to the body. In other words they distinguish from friend and foe.

Accepted antigens are absorbed and welcomed into the body, and then are utilized however antigens that are foreign are destroyed by your immune system (your white blood cells or leukocytes) by a process called leukocytosis.

If you are blood type A then you would have the blood type A antigen on the surface of your cell and so on for B and AB types, however O individuals are an exception as they have what is know as a H molecule which is not classified as a true antigen .

Non secretor on the other hand (who represent to 15-20% of all blood types) whilst they do secrete blood type antigens in their blood do not express their blood type antigens on the surface of cells in their body secretions .

These secretions include

  • Mucous membranes of all body parts
  • Saliva
  • Sperm
  • Vaginal secretions

As a result this makes their immune system in these areas less for attack as foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria’s and certain foods are allowed to entre into the cells to be dealt with in a more delayed but more sophisticated fashion .Think of it as having soldiers inside the fortress waiting for invaders instead of outside of the fortress on the offensive waiting to attack.

Due to secretor status variability it is highly recommend that patients with serious or who have complex conditions are screened for their secretor status. This enables the clinician gain a deeper understanding of their condition and their predispositions. Further modifications can then be made to the blood type diet and their treatment.

Non Secretors Variation what it means
  • Have lower level of intestinal phosphatase for protein digestion
  • Like blood type A and AB to have higher levels of Factor and Factor VIII
  • Non secretors develop Cardiovascular Disease from metabolic syndrome insulin resistance and type ii diabetes.
  • Non Secretors have higher levels of CRP (inflammatory markers) than secretors.
  • foreign bacteria invade the system more readily
  • Have a higher risk of cancer than secretors
  • Are more susceptible to Candida
  • Immune system is geared differently due to the presence of ABO antigens inside the cell
  • Are susceptible to dental caries
  • Are sensitivity to bacteria which cause ulcers
  • Have a relatively high risk for the development of inflammatory bowel problems
  • Are at a higher risk of alcohol related disorders.
  • Have different dietary requirements and supplemental regime

It is also essential to be screened prior to genotype testing.

Testing your secretor status

Here at the clinic we routinely test for secretor status via the Saliva through two mediums

We also utilise the Salivary test for presence of blood type in secretions to use this medium click here

And also a full DNA analysis for the FUT2 Gene click here

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