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Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is the practice of helping patients with the management of their health using nutrition as a form of medicine. The focus is to improve the functionality of their physiological processes in order to promote optimum health . Foods used in this manner are termed functional foods. In the modern day nutrition practice it incorporates primarily the scientific fields of nutrition, nutrigenomics, functional medicine and personalised nutrition. Our aim at integrated health is to understand about a patients individuality and manage their health concerns with a solid foundation in nutrition. This is achieved by applying the  necessary dietary interventions to increase their functional in order to support their recovery.

Nutrigenomics and Functional Medicine

Nutrigenomics is the science studying of the relationship between human genome, nutrition and human health. Here the focus is toward developing an understanding of how a person’s body responds to food through understanding of the patient’s genome. A genetic profile is attained through testing of the persons DNA. a gentic map of your biochemistry is uncovered in this process and can aid the clinician to understand how a person came to their current state of health. Once the mechanism is understood a personalised nutritional plan designed to advance the health of the individual and to improve the clinical outcome. Using foods in this manner can improve a person’s biochemistry and physiological function and when this occurs the food is termed function foods and therefore food is used as a functional form of medicine.

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