Sports Injury Therapy in Sydney

sports injury therapy sydney

Sports Injury Therapy is a type of muscle/massage therapy that incorporates stretching, strengthening, mobilization and the rehabilitation of muscle, joint, ligament or tendon injuries. Whilst it is termed sports injury therapy it is not only limited to Athletes and sports people. It can assist in the treatment all types of injuries and traumas sustained in day to day living.

The aim of our sports injury therapist initially is to relieve pain associated with the injury (acute or chronic pain) and then to develop a protocol to restore the function of the affected area and rebalance the whole body. Whilst acute pain can be given quick temporary relief, the correction of structure and function requires time, up to 3 months for mild postural imbalances and 6-12 months treatment for more serious cases. On your first visit your therapist will do a full postural analysis and discuss with you a practical protocol for correction of your problem. Full consideration is given to individual lifestyle factors when developing the program.

Various medicines and supplements may be concurrently prescribed by our Sports Naturopath in order to relieve pain, improve recovery time and to complement the sports injury treatment.

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