Functional Health Screenings

At Integrated Health we believe that the right Integrated program starts with the right information and that the right information in crucial for best results. Over the past 20 years or clinic director Dr Jason Mallia Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Naturopath, has travelled the globe researching the best available state of the art equipment and functional health screenings to help you achieve a comprehensive health assessment. Each screening has its own individual clinical application and each is recommended for different stages of your health program. On your first visit Jason will assess your health concerns and then recommend which health screening suits your particular ailment along with recommendation and referral for medical testing.

Blood Type Perspectives

A point of difference at our centre is that all your health screening information is assessed from a blood type and genotype perspective. What this means is that known disease susceptibilities and parameters according to your blood type are accounted for during your analysis to ensure preventative measures are put in place in your program. This point of view also helps you see first-hand the parameters associated to your Blood Type individuality.

Monitoring your Functional Progress

Feeling symptoms free is great however is not always indicative that your health is above a par. Many diseases can be silent and present with no symptoms till later routine diagnoses are made.

This is why our testing procedures are geared around assessing your functional health for disease prevention. We believe that ongoing health screening on each subsequent visit is crucial in heading you head in the right direction with your health and lifestyle.

Below are some of the health screenings and functional tests on offer:

  • Omega 3 Testing
  • Comprehensive Digesive Stoll Analysis
  • Circulating Tumor Marker
  • Female and Male Salivary Hormone Testing
  • Stress Hormone Testing
  • Full toxicology including heaving metals
  • Hair Analysis

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