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When we bring our most precious gifts into the world there is nothing more satisfying to a parent to know that our children are well nourished, happy, healthy and safe. From the moment we gaze into their eyes their vulnerability ensures that we will do anything it takes to keep them well into their future. As parents we know that there are many potential health concerns that our child may experience from the common cold and fever to gut related issues to stress.

From the get go and pre-conception we concern ourselves with having good health to conceive, during the pregnancy it is all about nourishing our babies and then after their birth, it’s all about giving our kids the right food so they develop, meet their milestones and thrive.

Part of their early journey is the development of their immune system and gut microbiome which is crucial for its development. The moment the child moves through the birth canal their first inoculation of bacteria occurs passed on from mother to baby starting the process of building of the gut immune system. Research now links good health and immunity directly to the health of the gut microbiome therefore it is important that we aid in its development and that we help protect it.

As parents we arm ourselves with as much knowledge and research from trusted professionals such as our General Practitioners, Naturopath Practitioners and allied health professionals in order to address any concerns in the most effective and safe ways possible, however in an overly hectic world it can be confusing and seem complicated. Here are some tips for new parents and parents alike for addressing any health concerns for your children.

  • Always seek the advice of an open minded General Practitioner for medical advice and mainstream diagnosis.
  • For specialised issues we recommend a visit to a pediatrician with a holistic mindset.
  • Always trust your parental instincts about any sort of advice, get a second opinion if you are unsure and your instincts say otherwise.
  • Consult with a Naturopath or healthcare professional who has special interest in pediatrics for lifestyle and nutritional advice.
  • Don’t rely on Dr Google alone for all your answers, your child needs personalized advice and Dr Google may add to any anxiety you may have about a health concern of your child.
  • Parents look after yourselves as much as your children in order to make clear concise decisions about your child’s health.
  • Listening to other parents experience is supportive however always make decisions based on your child’s individuality.
  • Listen to your child’s needs in order to make the right decisions for them.

Here at Integrated Health our naturopath has seen 1000s of children in his 23 year career so he understands that its all about making it easier for parents! Dr Jason is also a proud father and has special interest in pediatric naturopathy.

New program features for kids programs 

  • All online service from booking to scripts to invoicing 
  • Short follow up Consults
  • Easy to follow programs 
  • Comprehensive testing in the comfort of your own home 

Common disorders frequented by our pediatric naturopath include: 

  • Attention deficit disorders and other related behavioral disorders
  • Childhood stress and anxiety 
  • Eczema and other skin conditions 
  • growing pains 
  • common colds flus and immune related disorders
  • gut disorders

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