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Chronic disease is on the rise and its the latest statistics show that 50 percent of Australians have a chronic disease with many of them preventable with the right lifestyle changed. Due to the above statistic Doctors have called for a focus on prevention of chronic disease rather than focusing on cures. 

There are many drivers of chronic health conditions that we know of to date including : 

  • Stress (mental emotional, structural and toxic stress)
  • Poor Nutritional status and mal-nutrition 
  • Pathogenic or microbial infections
  • Inflammation (chronic) 
  • Toxic including (alcohol, drugs  environmental, industrial, EMF,EMR and other) 
Whilst research has linked most of the above drivers to chronic health issues there are many unknowns that remain about the impact of other environmental factors on human health. These include sick building syndrome, electromagnetic, biotoxins and others.

What is Environmental Medicine? 

Environmental medicine is an approach to healthcare that looks at the environmental impact that may be featured in a particular health condition. This is done by first assessing a patients condition and then analyzing if environmental factors have played a key  role and whether it has contributed the pathophysiology. A thorough timeline is utilized to understand the progression of the condition and the contribution of environmental factors. 

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