Sports Nutrition

As we all know Nutrition plays an important role in the maintenance of optimum health. If we don’t eat well we don’t perform well; we become flat, and ultimately become susceptible to illness.

The demands for Athletes are very high, especially those performing at a professional level. It is therefore crucial that athletes and those involved in physical exercise also meet the demands of their body in order to stay healthy, and free from injury. Sports Nutrition therefore plays a major part in the performance of Athletes and in their overall training program. Here at IHA our Sports Nutritionist will evaluate the needs of each individual athlete and develop a nutritional program that can be easily incorporated into their existing training program.

During the assessment your practitioner will evaluate the following:

  • Muscle mass to fat evaluation
  • Energy expenditure/requirements
  • Fluid balance and requirements
  • Optimum Carb/Fat/Protein requirements
  • Vitamin and Nutritional requirements
  • White and Red Blood Cell Health

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