How to Choose the Right Practitioner

Choosing the right Practitoner or health product

With the variety of Health professions on offer and multitude of services and products available, choosing the right thing for you can be overwhelming for many of us. Many people search in desperation for what might help them with their particular health complaint, sometimes with success but often with frustration. Often in clinic I see patients who have been to various practitioners without success due to choosing the incorrect therapy for their complaint. An example of this would be visiting a Chiropractic for a Migraine that is of organic origin rather than structural one . In some cases the adjustment may help ,but symptoms return shortly after. This is because the structural side may have been treated but the organ imbalance may not have. In this case perhaps Acupuncture or Naturopathy might have been a better option in conjunction or separately for this condition. So therefore choosing the right modality for the right condition is crucial.

People may also seek advice from Practitioners whom may not be qualified to treat their condition, in this case a good practitioner should refer if it is not in the repertoire of skills.

SUPPLEMENT Prescription

When choosing supplements or having them recommended, it is important to ensure that the practitioner is qualified to dispense such supplements . Over the counter products pose less risk however dispensed incorrectly can still be of concern. Prescription only Products must be prescribed the appropriate practitioner as they are generally have a higher potency than over the counter supplements.

The following practitioners have TGA exemption and can prescribe practitioner only products to you. They have had extensive training dispensing, practitioners not on this list are required to do post graduate studies to be able to dispense safely.

  • Naturopaths (All supplements)
  • Herbalists (Western Herbs)
  • General Practitioner (All supplements)
  • Chinese Medicine Doctors (chinese herbs)
  • Nutritionist (vitamins)
  • Dietitians (vitamin)
  • Pharmacists (all supplements)

Also  its is important to ensure the practioners belong to the appropriate assiciation.
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