laser acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture

Are you suffering pain and would like to try acupuncture but worried about the insertion of needles? Or perhaps you have tried acupuncture and were not satisfied with the results?

If the answer is yes needle free laser acupuncture may be for you.

What are the benefits of Laser Acupuncture?

The greatest advantage of laser acupuncture is that it’s completely painless. This is a great way to have acupuncture without the insertion of needles.

Most patients feel nothing at all during laser acupuncture. Occasionally patients may feel a sensation however it isn’t something they can describe really well.

Laser Acupncture is fast and easy. We’re talking seconds in comparison to needle retention time, which may be 20 to 30 minutes. As there is no skin penetration there is zero risk of infection. Laser acupuncture is also effective and often shown to be as effective as needle acupuncture for a variety of health concerns. Effectiveness is enhanced because laser acupuncture allows you to treat points you otherwise might not be able to treat, due to patient age, sensitivity, or fear.

Generally treatment goes for approximately 15-60 seconds per point selected . Most practitioners report having good treatment effects in 10-15 seconds, depending on the type of laser used. Points that require deeper needling, like the legs and torso, may need longer treatment times. Ears, hands and feet require less treatment time.

Safety Considerations

Laser Acupuncture is a very safe form of Acupuncture and however safety glasses may be worn depending on the type of laser used . A lot of lasers used in acupuncture don’t need glasses because they are Class IIIa lasers. These are considered eye safe because the blink reflex is fast enough to prevent any damage to the retina. Higher-powered lasers (Class IIIb) require safety glasses for both the practitioner and the patient.

How do Lasers work?

Laser therapy has been shown to stimulate cell growth and repair of damaged tissues by increasing blood flow to the tissue site . In Acupuncture lasers stimulate acupuncture points just like an needle would to achieve the desired result .

What are the contraindications ?

it’s not a good idea to treat where you don’t want cell growth. You obviously wouldn’t want to laser someone’s skin cancer, for example.


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