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Gut Microbiome Testing Sydney

Are you experiencing unresolved GUT health problems such as IBS , bloating , pain, food intolerances or other?  Or perhaps you been diagnosed with a chronic health condition? Or simply you just want a better state of health and wellness? .

You see In our bodies there are Trillions of microbes which reside for the most part inside your GUT and on your skin which can have a direct affect on our health. Most of the microbes in your intestines are found in your large intestine in an area called the cecum, and they are referred to as the GUT MICROBIOME

According to recent research, scientist estimate that here are more than 100 Trillion cells in your body. There are roughly 37.2% of human cells and the rest are believed to be bacterial cells giving a ratio in your body of 3 to 1 of bacterial cells over human. What this means is that you are more bacteria than human!!!!

There are over 1,000 species of bacteria in the human gut microbiome, and each of them plays a different role in your body. Most of them are extremely important for your health including supporting immune, brain and digestive health, while others may cause disease and are termed pathogenic bacteria. The gut microbiome refers to all of the microbes in your intestines, which act as another organ and is crucial for your health.

The moment we are born the gut microbiome begins to have an impact on us and plays a crucial part in development and growth.

During growth, your gut microbiome begins to diversify and our gut begins to contain many different types of microbial species and by the age of the 3 years old it is considered too be at a mature state. This The  higher the microbiome diversity the more healthier it is considered for your health.

The Shannon index is used to determine what level of diversity we have and is considered the gold standard in GUT microbiome analysis Interestingly, the food you eat affects the diversity of your gut bacteria. As your microbiome grows helps perform various functions that a required for optimum health. Therefore, there are a  number of different ways in which the gut microbiome can affect your health.

As mentioned the gut microbiome affects us from birth and throughout life by controlling the digestion of food, immune system, central nervous system and other bodily processes it plays a vital role and can affect brain health by producing brain chemicals and communicating with nerves that connect to the brain also known as the Gut Brain Immune axis.

Find out what your microbiome can tell you about your health .The metabiome test is a functional health assessment of your gut that provides detailed insights into the microorganisms inhabiting your gut and how they function. It is a powerful, evidence-based tool that allows you to learn about your unique microbial community in much detail and identifies dietary suggestions that may improve your overall health and wellbeing. The Metabiome test analyses the microorganisms in your gut and explains what we currently know about their role in contributing to your health.

Your Metabiome healthcare practitioner will receive detailed data about your gut and develop a personalised report. A full detailed report includes a comprehensive list of the bacterial species in your gut microbiome and the functions they perform, along with descriptions of how they can contribute to your health.

A comprehensive personalised report is then followed by  Personalised Nutritional advice and lifestyle interventions that are specific to your individuality by our Clinical Nutritionist.



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