Feeling tired your not alone

As a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, one of the most common symptoms I see is fatigue. Some people are calling fatigue a symptom of living in the 21st Century. One thing is for sure, people are becoming more and more tired.

Fatigue is a Real Problem

Fatigue can interfere with your ability to perform at work, with personal relationships and can reduce enjoyment of life in general. Fatigue can be a sign of more serious problems and the underlying cause needs to be identified and resolved. Left untreated, fatigue creates a self-perpetuating downward spiral which can be very difficult to break.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Fatigue can be caused by a great variety of problems, some of which are obvious to us, while others are not so obvious and may need professional assistance to identify. Underlying problems that may contribute to your fatigue include:

  • Emotional stress
  • Inflammatory conditions, including arthritis
  • Digestive problems; these reduce the absorption of key energy producing nutrients
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Blood sugar problems
  • An imbalanced diet
  • Exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins
  • Physical stress; either through exercise or other laborious work, and
  • Muscle pain or injury.

In order to treat fatigue effectively and restore your energy and vitality, it is important to correct these underlying problems, and at the same time support and repair the energy producing factories, called mitochondria, within your cells.

Energy to Burn!

Our body naturally produces a substance called Coenzyme Q10, referred to generally as CoQ10.

CoQ10 is vital for healthy energy production by our cells.

CoQ10 protects our energy producing factories from day to day damage and acts sort of like insulation around an electrical wire. Without this insulation, energy does not reach its correct destination, and we would have no electricity to run our lights, fridges or computers! The same is true with CoQ10, if we do not have enough to insulate our “wires” we don’t have enough energy to function properly, and we feel tired.

In our youth we usually make adequate amounts of CoQ10, but our production of CoQ10 begins to decrease from the age of 30 years. Our levels of CoQ10 can also be reduced in certain illnesses and when taking particular medications. CoQ10 is a very well researched nutrient and many studies show that supplementing with CoQ10 improves energy.

Using the Best CoQ10 Supplement for Your Body

There are a wide range of CoQ10 supplements available, but unfortunately some are not as effective as others. Some CoQ10 supplements are powders and some contain synthetic forms. Both of these types of CoQ10 supplements are lacking in efficacy. CoQ10 needs to be naturally derived for the best activity, and needs to be in an appropriate oil base for optimal absorption. After all, there’s no point spending your money on a supplement that your body can’t use. CoQ10 delivered in the patented EnsorbTM base has 900% better absorption than powdered CoQ10 supplements, meaning that your body is better able to use this type of supplement and you will experience stronger and faster results.

Fatigue is a growing problem and unfortunately if you suffer with fatigue, you probably feel you don’t have the energy to do anything about it! With our advice, boosting your energy doesn’t need to be a struggle. Contact the clinic to arrange a time for us to discuss your energy needs and look forward to improved vitality