Is your Practitioner qualified for the Job?

Over my 15  years of practice it has come to my attention that Qualification for a particular modality is extremely important especially in today’s day and age where financial gain is the primary focus for some individuals. Would you let a plasterer do a job of a builder? I think not.  

When it comes to healthcare you would like to think that most people check the qualifications of the attending practitioner. Further more you would also normally  think the best of the practitioner doing the treatment for you . The reality of it is many do not check of the person is duely qualified leaving them open to possible issues related to care that is not appropriate.  

Tips for selecting the right practitioner

  • Use your intution this is never wrong if you get a bad vibe them its usually correct
  • Check that the practitioner is qualified in the modality that they are practicing and have the right to title and practice
  • Check the practitioner is registered with a reputable association ATMS NHAA ARM AAMT CAA AACMA
  • Ask the practitioner how many years experience have they had in this modality and is it evidenced based practice, this will give you the right to refuse treatment if you are not satisfied
  • Get a referal from a reputable source
  • Check them out online and check association they have
  • If they are registered healthcare practitioners ask for their registration number