Is your practitoner Qualified for the Job? Part 2

When searching for a practitioner as mentioned in my previous post it is essential they are not only qualified for the Job at hand but also are the right type of practitioner for the type of conditon you have

Below is a list of Practitioner qualfications and Associations to look out for  

  • Massage Therapist (Associations ATMS, ARM, AAMT) Qualificiations D.RM, D SIT, BA HSc Comp Med, BA Musc thpy
  • Naturopath (Associations ATMS, ANTA, NHHAA) ND, ADv Nat, B HSc (naturopathy) Ba Hsc Compl Medicine  
  • Acupuncturists (Associations AACMA, ATMS, ANTA) Adv Dip Acup, Advanced Dip TCM, BA TCM, BA HSc (TCM) Dip Ac, Advanced Dip AC and OT)
  • Chiropractors (Associations CAA) DC, M CHIRO
  • Homeopaths (Association AHA, ATMS, ANTA) Adv Dip Hom, Dip Homeopathy, BA Hom
  • Medical Herbalist ( Association ATMS, NHAA, ANTA) Dip BM, Dip Herb Med, Adv DIp West Herb Med, Master of Herbal Medicine

For more information about qualifications, please dont hesitate to call the clinic