Student and Practitioner Mentoring Service 1hr ( includes free copy of book)


Are you a naturopathic student , new graduate or a practitioner who gets difficult cases ? Or perhaps you need help getting better results and expanding your practice?

If the answer is yes to any of the above I can help you , I have 20 years plus experience in the following areas and can help you become the practitioner you dreamed of becoming .

Coaching and mentoring is available in the following areas

helping you with your difficult cases from Cancer to MS . Cases that have no explanation or are very peculiar. Cases that have been misdiagnosed
Blood type Medicine education and certification
Manual therapy and Massage technique tutoring
Integrative pathology and helping you understand medical tests. Tips on dealing with Medical Doctors.
understanding what testing is required for certain cases
helping you with your business to achieve the practice of your dreams
Hemaview live blood analysis , biofeedback and ES tech coaching.
Dorn Method Tutoring


Each training is tailored to your own desired learning outcome and focus . A free 10 minute on the phone discussion is made prior to discuss your requirements.

If you want to fast track your success align with those whom have the experience to get you there faster!


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