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Dr Jason Mallia is an inspirational keynote speaker whose life purpose was revealed through his journey. In his book e Wounded Healer he tells the story of how a horri c injury and broken sporting dreams led to a deep depression and how he transformed, leading to ultimate

success in all areas of his life. He is one of Australia`s leading Doctors of Integrative Medicine having found this path through his transformation and development. His vast knowledge is now directed at educating and inspiring people to move through their limitations and achieve health and everlasting success.

For well over 20 years he has facilitated the transformation of thousands of people with chronic health conditions into living happier, healthier more successful lives. He is an expert in blood type medicine; he was the rst Australian Master Institute of Human Individuality having trained alongside New York best-seller Dr Peter D’Adamo and has presented worldwide in the eld of genetics and blood type medicine. His other roles include Integrative Sports Physician for the MRL (Malta Rugby League).

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How a promising sportsman su ered a serious injury, fell into a dark depression and found the pathway to health – which led to profound clarity, success and ful lling his life dreams.

“One only nds true success and happiness when sense of self is recognised.” — Dr Jason Mallia, 1999

Here’s why you’re being sold a big fat lie—many of us when we decide to embark on a particular goal in life, whether it be to have more money, success or to nd happiness in our lives, o en lack the clarity to know where to start. For some, the lack of clarity is compounded with a health concern that consumes their energy, time and thinking. Does this sound familiar? Procrastination and this lack of clarity o en lead people to poor choices, further compounding their issues and creating more uncertainty, confusion, and ultimately ill health. is o en directly and profoundly a ects their happiness. When faced with various options and possible solutions, most o en they are at a risk of being taken advantage of and as a result, having no clarity to make the right calls. One confounding factor that contributes can be the promises made by smart marketing, which is designed to embed commands in your subconscious to trigger an impulsive product purchase— perhaps a product that promises the happiness and success that the person may be looking for. Not all marketing is bad; in fact, it’s not and it can serve the purpose of helping people nd authentic tools to help them create their happiness. What I am talking about is the type of marketing designed to take advantage of vulnerable people who primarily lack clarity and don’t know what they truly need. is o en causes them to make hedonistic decisions for their lives, taking them away from their truth of which resides in their heart.

Have you ever been unwell or tired and made the wrong choice only to nd that it causes you further problems down the track? If we were to ip the lid, have you ever experienced a time when you knew something was going to be good for you, then you followed that path, and it turned out to be something…….



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