Feeling unwell and Dont know why ?

There are many factors as to why people are unwell today and they range from physical, emotional mental and spiritual stresses. Here are just a few reasons people are unwell : being overworked, poor environment, family issues, Sick Building syndrome, Electromagnetic radiation stresses, relationship issues, poor diet and lifestyle, drug and alcohol over use, travel toxicity, over use of prescription drugs. And the the list goes on and on.

One of the best screening devices I invested in some time ago( a biofeedback screening tool) tests over 7000 potential stressors on the human biofield. This helps me understand what is stressing a person and what is the underlying problem in a person dis-ease. For example a patient of mine was once diagnosed with late stage kidney disease of which he was recommended Dialysis. After some investigation we found that his multiple prescription drugs and Dental amalgam fillings were causing toxicity in his system therefore stressing his kidneys causing them to become diseased. As a result we asked his Doc to reduce his meds and we replaced them with natural meds , we recommended he see a dentist and pull out his fillings replacing them with non toxic ones ,we detoxified him and had him removed off the dialysis list within months! Just an example of how when you get to the underlying cause and remove the stress in the body, the body is able to heal itself. Makes Sense right !!!???

Written by Dr Jason Mallia PhD ND IM BHSc