Longevity By Jason Mallia PhD

Longevity Love and other stuff! by Dr Jason Mallia PhD Naturopath Integrative Personalised Medicine

Longevity is a term thrown around to describe the length of time a person may life in their lifetime . What it does not describe is the state of wellness a person may have on this process . Now , the question is, would we still  be want a long life or longevity with ill health? , ,most would probably say NO , what do you say ??? In my experience as a clinician and a student of life  feel that there are several important factors that increase our life span and potential for wellness in this time , a popular book called  the blue Zone decribes some of these.

They include things such as:

  • A diet rich in Phytonutrients
  • Red Wine
  • diet rich in Omega 3 from fish
  • a daily spiritual practice such as going to church
  • community and a social network.

Im my day to day practice what I see that is often deficient is the need for a Life purpose, a Passion  and Love .People often come in with health conditions related to stress that is connected to these things . I ask many people do you love your job? and many respond with the answer no way its just a JOB and “thats why im here my job is stressing me” !. At this point we have the discussion about what job would you rather be doing and why are you not doing it ? After some time re-evalauting many come to the realisation that they need to follow their passion rather than just an income in their job .

The other area is the feild of LOVE, I often see diffuculty in this area or lack or this in their life weather it be in their job or in their relationships . I see many people with poor or broken relationships that is in turn starts affecting their health . When they have love in their life they seem to have a purpose and direction and rarely are unwell , when  love is non-existant  certain conditions arise causing ill health .

So when we think of health Wellness and longevity , ask your self what aspect of longevity is needing attention and start spreading the LOVE!