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Blood Type Education and Certification

Blood Type Certification Training

Available at the clinic is Blood Type Diet certification under Jason Mallia Dr .Sc IMD ND and Master of the Institute of Human Individuality (USA). Jason Mallia is considered an expert in the field of Blood Type Nutrition amongst his pears having studied directly under Peter D Adamo and lectured on the subject world wide. He recently lectured to Medical Doctors Naturopaths and other Health professionals at the International Congress of Natural Medicine on the Gold Coast along side the Godfather of Natural Medicine Dr Jeffery Bland.

The training is designed for Health professionals wanting to  learn useful clinical skills to incorporat  Blood Type Medicine in their practice, Training is also provided for lay people who want to learn more about how the diet can help them with their health concerns. For further information please contact the clinic.


REGISTER your interest for OFFCIAL CERTIFICATION by Dr Peter Dadamo

Another option for practitioners and Lay people alike is to register your interest for an official training via the Institute of Human Individuality  (USA) In Australia , we are now taking names for a potential Mini Conference in Australia  please register your interest enquiry@integratedhealth.com.au


This was a testimonial given by Dr Peter D’Adamo (founder of the blood type diet) as a prelude to the My Health (blood type) conference in Singapore.

Dear Friends,

“This year brings us much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. Earlier this year had the pleasure, and great honor of meeting Dr Mallia, at the institute of human individuality symposium in the US. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the principles of the science of human individuality, but is a fantastic person as well. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to hear him speak and learn from his experience”

Yours in health

Dr Peter D’Adamo

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