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Integrated Weight Loss and The Shake It Program

The Clinic Offers  comprehensive Weight loss programs incorporating traditional medicine and modern screening tools. Once your needs have been established by one of our representatives, a weight loss system is recommended based on your needs, health status, your weight loss goals, affordability and convenience. Our goal is to ensure the right program is recommended so you can achieve your goal!

NEW! Metagenics Shake it Weight loss Program

Shake is an easy to follow proven way to lose weight fast , not only do you lose weight but you maintain your muscle mass also . Research shows that many weight loss programs do help you lose weight but at the expense of Muscle tissue loss. Muscle is very imprtant to maintain or build during your weight loss program as it is in the muscle that we burn the fat. Loss of muscle often results in rebound weight gain . The shake it program is geared around prevention of post program weight gain





The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program, offered by
qualified Healthcare Practitioners, is designed to enable
you to lose weight and keep it off with:

• Professional advice and tailored to your individual requirements,
helping you overcome the obstacles of weight loss.
• A simple to follow and convenient program with lots of healthy food.
• Great tasting supplements to make it easy, shakes, soups and bars in a variety of flavours.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

Testimonial Weight Loss

Fourteen months ago I began the long awaited day when I finally stopped saying “I’ll start tomorrow” and I started today. I began with a visit to my doctor and discovered that my blood pressure was vey high, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were elevated and I was on my way down a slippery slope. The one thing the doctor did not need to tell me was that I was way overweight; although he did confirm that diagnosis as well. I did not want to start taking drugs for my blood pressure and set out on a plan to take control of my life.

I began to work on my weight with the Blood Group Diet and some body shaping activities. I did very well for four months losing 71/2 Kilos but for some unknown reason just stopped flat!….no matter how well I stuck to the diet or exercised, my scales read the same every day. I was very happy at least not to be gaining weight again even over Christmas. I was fitting comfortably into my clothes and my blood pressure had come down; but I was still on the borderline of hypertension and wanted to lose more weight.

In my search over the next six months to try to find out why I was stalled and wanting to get back on track with getting my health, lifestyle and weight. I discovered Integrated Health and Jason Mallia. I found that Jason worked with the Blood Group Diet, and as I also discovered has a holistic approach to health, wholeness and well being.   

Jason worked with me supporting my personal preference for a natural approach. In turn I discovered that there are a many interrelated processes in our bodies that can inhibit our metabolism and cause our bodies to be out of balance and thus contributing to my health problems.

With Jason’s support I continued on the blood group diet along with the SHAKE IT weight management program. My health and well being have improved with the herbal supplements tailored to my specific needs based on the information gain from the full body scans that show what is going on the inside. Jason has recently added some weight bearing exercises to my program to support muscle health that in turn helps my metabolism to burn fat.

Over the last six months I have lost another 8 kilos of body fat, my blood pressure is down to a very health range and I have more energy, am calmer and enjoying life.

Noemi Northridge





*results may vary between individuals 

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