GenoType Screening

Ever wondered why you function and look different to the next person?. Apart from obvious differences in blood type and racial background the reasons for this lies in your genotype.

Here at the clinic we use the science of Human individuality to get to the bottom of your health concerns! This is why genotype testing is something we utilise to help us gather further information about your individuality. The screening is performed by Jason Mallia ND IMD and Master of the Institute of Human Individuality (USA). The screening takes into consideration your blood type, secretor status and various measurements of the body to determine your genotype. The test is inexpensive, non invasive and results are given in a matter of minutes.

Measurements we require include:

  • Leg lengths upper and lower
  • Torso length
  • Finger length
  • And other

Please note to perform the test we require your blood type, rhesus blood type and secretor status which can all be performed at the clinic upon request


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