5 Tips to avoid the dreaded Flu and other Viruses this winter.

Transitioning from the warmer months to cooler months calls for changes in what we do day to day , whilst it may seem very obvious many people struggle to adapt to the new environment making them susceptible to the dreaded cold or other viruses and illnesses .

As we transition from season to season our bodies requirements change and its crucial we adjust our lifestyle accordingly to not only supply vital nutrients but also to help keep up our bodies ever changing needs.

Here are 5 Tips to help you stay healthy this winter.

1 Avoid drinking cold food or drinks in cooler climates, this not only brings cold into your body but can damage organs that are needed for optimum immune heath and function for Eg the Spleen which manufactures blood for our immunity.

2 Minimize mucous forming foods such as dairy and Bananas or foods that are not suitable for your blood group , these foods also contribute to damp and mucous formation that strains our immune system . If the food produces’ mucous and is cold in temp and properties it will be a good one to avoid.

3 Drink hot to warm water between meals to clear cold accumulation and warm the body, this will not only hydrate you better and it will clear unwanted damp and cold within your body .

4 Avoid Cold salads and switch to warm soups and broths It might sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people eat salads in the colder months due to a weight loss regime or due to being vegan.

5 Drink lots of Ginger tea or fresh ginger juice, Ginger is a power warmer of the body and helps protect the body from Viruses and immune issues.

Written By Dr Jason Mallia (Acupuncturist) Sydney Naturopath

Integrative Medicine