Your blood type and YOU!

Did you know that your blood type is a genetic marker which can determine your susceptibility to various health conditions including viral and bacterial infections, blood clotting disorders and others?

Its been long known since the early 1900s that we are different based on blood type. Famous researcher Dr Karl Landsteiner’s discovery answered the question as to why one person would live after a blood transfusion due to illness, while another died when the same blood was given. The science of blood type was born.

Today blood type science is a settled science, and it has confirmed that the gene responsible for this variation in our physiology is due to the gene 9Q34 (or the blood type gene). This gene is responsible for the up-regulation or down-regulation of a particular function in our bodies, for example Blood type 0 have an upregulation of stomach acid making it easy to break down animal protein, while A blood type have a down regulation of the same function making them better on a lower protein diet from less animal products.

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Dr Jason Mallia Sydney Naturopath and Integrative Medicine Practitioner